In XL Release there are two main types of licenses: a 30 day Trial Edition license, and an Enterprise Edition. If you have an Enterprise Edition of XL Release, you can download your license file from the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site. This site requires enterprise customer login. If you have a Trial Edition of XL Release, you will receive a license key by email when you register to download a trial.

Check enterprise license version

To see a list of all your current licenses, log in to the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site. The only supported license type is V3. For older license types that are no longer supported (V1 and V2), contact support.

You can also check the version of a license by opening xl-release/conf/xl-release-license.lic in a text editor.

License installation

Details on installing your license is provided in the installation instructions for the Trial Edition or Enterprise Edition.

License validation

XL Release checks the validity of your license when you start the XL Release server and periodically while the server is running. The server will not start if a valid license is not installed.

Upgrade from a trial an enterprise license

To upgrade from an XL Release trial license to an enterprise license, contact XebiaLabs.

License extension and renewal

To renew an Enterprise Edition license or extend a trial license, contact XebiaLabs. Once you obtain a new license, you can add it to XL Release using the UI or the command line.

Update an XL Release license using the UI

  1. Ensure you have admin global permissions.
  2. Login to XL Release.
  3. In the top right corner, click settings.
  4. Click Renew license.
  5. Enter the new license key.
  6. Click Install.

Manually update an XL Release license

  1. Go to the XebiaLabs Software Distribution site and download the new license file.
  2. Go to the XL_RELEASE_SERVER_HOME/conf directory and replace the xl-release-license.lic file with the new file.