Troubleshoot satellites

Cannot ping a configured and running satellite in Deploy

Ensure that the satellite enabled setting in the xl block of the xl-deploy.conf file is set to yes, as described in Configure satellite communication.

This issue can be caused by the configuration of the satellite address. The IP address and port number that you specify when you create the satellite configuration item (CI) in Deploy’s repository must exactly match the values that appear in the satellite’s log when it is started.

For example, in this log:

13:32:27.802 INFO  Remoting - Remoting started; listening on addresses :[akka.tcp://XL-Satellite@]
13:32:27.804 INFO  Remoting - Remoting now listens on addresses: [akka.tcp://XL-Satellite@]

The satellite starts listening to the address on port 8380. These are the values that you must use for the satellite in Deploy.

Note: If the satellite is listening to, you must use this value when adding the satellite to Deploy. Using localhost is incorrect and will fail.

Deploying to a satellite returns an OversizedPayloadException

If you deploy an application to a satellite and you see an error such as:

akka.remote.OversizedPayloadException: Discarding oversized payload sent to Actor[akka.tcp://XL-Satellite@mycompany.local:8380/]: max allowed size 128000 bytes, actual size of encoded class was 162392 bytes.

Add the akka.remote.netty.tcp.maximum-frame-size property to the xl block of the xl-deploy.conf file and XL_DEPLOY_SATELLITE_HOME/conf/satellite.conf files. The recommended procedure is to set this property to 150000. If you continue to encounter the error, increase the setting by increments of 50000 until the error does not occur. Ensure that the property’s value is the same in the configuration files on both Deploy and the satellite.

If you are using SSL connection to communicate with Deploy Satellite, add the xl.task.system.akka.remote.netty.ssl.maximum-frame-size property of the xl-deploy.conf and XL_DEPLOY_SATELLITE_HOME/conf/satellite.conf files.

Deploy Satellite does not require a restart after communication failure

The satellite.conf file is divided into two sections: for configuring the akka communication system and for configuring the akka task system. If a communication failure occurs between the satellite and the Deploy server, the akka task system continues to function and only the akka communication system will require a restart.

If you added configuration options in satellite.conf under the akka key and you upgrade to Deploy version 7.2.0 or later, the satellite will not start. The satellite log will show an error and you will have to move the configuration options to satellite.communication.akka or satellite.tasks.akka.