Upgrade scenarios

The Release upgrade process you use depends on the version from which you are upgrading, and the version to which you want to go. If you are upgrading from an older, unsupported version such as 6.2.0 to the most recent version such as 9.0.x, you will need to make a minimum of 3 “hops”, performing multiple upgrades in succession. For example, if you are starting from version 6.2.x, you’d perform the following upgrades:

  1. Upgrade from version 6.2.x to version 7.0.x
  2. Upgrade from version 7.0.x to version 7.5.x
  3. Upgrade from version 7.5.x to version 9.5.x

Typical upgrade scenarios

The following table describes typical upgrade scenarios based on your starting version.

If you are on… Hop 1 Hop 2 Hop 3
6.2.x 7.0.x through 7.2.0 7.5.x 8.5.x or 9.0.x
7.0.x through 7.2.0 7.5.x 8.5.x or 9.0.x
7.5.x 8.5.x or 9.5.x
8.5.x 9.5.x
9.0.x 9.5.x
9.5.x (e.g. 9.5.2) 9.5.x (9.5.3)

Upgrade instructions

This section provides links to the appropriate upgrade instructions you must use for each hop based on your starting version and your destination version.

Upgrade version 6.2.x to versions 7.0.2 through 7.2.0

Release version 7.0.2 through 7.2.x are the minimum versions from which you can perform the next hop to later versions that will require you to perform a database migration. Therefore, if you are upgrading from an older, unsupported version such as 6.2.x, you must first get to one of these versions before you can proceed with upgrading to 7.5.x.

Procedure: Upgrade Release to version 7.0.x through 7.2.x

Upgrade versions 7.0.2 through 7.2.x to version 7.5.x

Beginning with Release version 7.5.0, the JackRabbit (JCR) archive database was replaced with an SQL relational database. The purpose of this important update to the repository technology was to improve the overall performance and the scalability of Release.

Database migration tool

To get to version 7.5.x (specifically you should choose to upgrade to the last version in the 7.5.x stream which is 7.5.7), you must run a migration tool to migrate from JCR to a supported SQL database as part of your upgrade process. In order to run the migration tool, you must be on a version between 7.0.x and 7.2.x.

External database recommendation

Later versions of Release (8.x and higher) will not allow you migrate an embedded database to an external database. Therefore, When migrating from a previous JCR-based version of Release (version 7.2 and earlier) to a SQL-based version, make sure that you choose to migrate to an external database.

Procedure: Upgrade Release to version 7.5.x.

Upgrade version 7.5.x to a current supported version

If your base Release version is 7.5.x or higher, you’re already using a SQL relational database, so your upgrade process should be simplified.

Procedure: Upgrade Release 7.5.x and higher to current