Calendar view

To see an overview of all releases in Release on a month-by-month or week-by-week basis, select Releases > Calendar from the top bar.

Views of Calendar

Week View

A week view provides the information about the scheduled tasks in the respective week.

Note: Week starts from the current day.


Month View

A month view provides the information about the scheduled tasks in the respective month.

Note: Month starts from the current day.


To change the view of calendar, click on the current view and select the view (week or month) you want.

Click on Left or Right arrows to visit next or previous view (week or month).


To jump to a week or month click on the small calendar icon at the top right corner of the calendar view.

Note: Jump to a date view displayed based on the calendar view you are viewing.

Task Statuses

On the calendar, releases statuses are indicated along with specific colors: In progress are indicated as blue bars, releases that are Completed are displayed as green bars, whereas Failing releases are marked with orange bars and Failed releases are marked with red bars.


To see more information on a release, click it.

Tip: Hover over a dependent release to see it highlighted in the calendar.

Filtering the calendar

To filter the calendar based on the release title or tags, use the Filter by release title, Release Tags, or Task tags fields.

Click on the Advanced filters, to filter based on the Status, Risk, Flagged, and My Releases.

  • Status field contains:

    • Aborted
    • Completed
    • Failed
    • Failing
    • In progress
    • Paused
    • Planned
  • Risk field contains:

    • At risk
    • On track
    • Attention needed

Marking special days

To Mark special days, such as holidays:

  1. Hover on a day in the calendar you want to mark.
  2. Click on three dot Edit calendar day.
  3. Click Set label. Note: You can give special days a custom label and background color.

Special day in the calendar

Exporting the Calendar

You can export a calendar by clicking on the Export Calendar button at the top right corner of the Calendar view.

Export Calendar

When you click on the Export Calendar button, a pop dialog appears. allowing you select or specify the time period or date range for which you want to export the Calendar. Click the Export button to download an Excel sheet of the calendar.


Setting blackout period

You can set a blackout period to ensure that specific tasks cannot be performed during that time. For more information on setting a blackout period, see Set blackout period.