Release Manual 10.1.x

    Upgrade instructions

    The Deploy upgrade process you use depends on the version from which you are upgrading, and the version to which you want to go.

    For detailed instructions based on your upgrade scenario, refer to Upgrade Deploy.

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the Support team before upgrading. Deploy 10.1.0

    Deploy 10.1.0 is a long-term support (LTS) version that will be supported until superseded by the next release. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy. Deploy 10.1.0 new features


    • GitOps: Now rules repository will be synced after every rule publish. Also, branches will be by default deleted once the rule is published
    • Added shortcuts to the expressions which will be helpful in writing/editing the rules
    • Added a modal for branch deletion on publishing the change set
    • Sample stitch repository which will help customers to kick start their stitch usage.

    Performance improvements

    Improved efficiency for Undeploy, Repository read, Dictionary reads, Permission access, and Artifact copy in overthere host with the place holder replacements. Hence all deployments must be faster moving forward.

    Recommendations for hardware resource based on our performance data. (need to be validated).

    Improved performance in setups with MSSQL database.

    Security update

    • Upgraded to Scala 2.13.x
    • Upgraded to latest react components in UI
    • Get Deploy and Platform to run on JDK11 without JDK8 compatible binaries


    Ability to collect better debug information to reproduce customer issues locally. Added additional information to debug data which is sent by customer to support representative.

    LDAP integration

    Important: If you are updating Deploy to v.10.1, you can copy the security xml file from conf/deployit-security.xml and make sure you remove the security:authentication-manager section from the xml file:

    <security:authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager">
    <security:authentication-provider ref="rememberMeAuthenticationProvider" />
    <security:authentication-provider ref="XlAuthenticationProvider" />
    <security:authentication-provider ref="ldapProvider" />

    Upgraded from earlier version

    • Installation improvements by adding automation to reduce number of steps for the install
    • Added Helm charts for deploying Release into AKS and GKE
    • Ability to Re-install Deployment without delta calculations
    • Enhance Read Only permission for Viewing/Tracking deployments
    • Application rollback to previous successful version (Huge)
    • Ability to clean up stale worker process
    • Ability to upgrade an existing K8 installation using the Helm charts made available in Q4 2020
      • Out of the box git integration
    • Centralized config changes
      • Refactoring to move all configurations into a centralized location
    • Plugin manager or integrations manager, now available in Deploy

    Pendo integration—In-app guides and usage analytics

    The new guide and analytics module allows two things:

    • Provide in-app guides and how-tos
    • Collect usage analytics

    This module runs from the client browser and will contact an external server to download guides and send anonymous usage data to that server. This technology is provided by Pendo.

    The in-app guides and usage analytics is enabled by default and can be disabled on the new Settings > Features tab in the Deploy UI. This setting is only accessible to Admins.

    For more information see, Configure Feature Settings.

    Known issues

    • As of Deploy v.10.1, GCP will not work if you do a parallel deployment to the same host.
    • Deploy v.10.1, Unable to install the Deploy as a service if the service command length exceeds 32768 characters. Deploy 10.1.0 release notes

    New features

    • [ENG-1370] - XLD Stitch. Feedback and functional improvements from the field Q3/2020
    • [ENG-1973] - Upgraded to Scala 2.13.x
    • [ENG-2047] - Created extension mechanism for permissions from modules and move stitch#view to module
    • [ENG-2073] - Wrote API tests in xld-stitch-core
    • [ENG-2261] - Improvements to SpEL expressions, implemented extensible engine to add utility methods
    • [ENG-2312] - Write OverthereFile after placeholders replacement to avoid extra copy of OverthereFile
    • [ENG-2341] - Migrated all products to Java 11 (from earlier versions)
    • [ENG-2498] - Improved performance of repository/read (list)
    • [ENG-2518] - Added index for name column in XLD_CIS table to improve performance
    • [ENG-2524] - Added schema qualifying support to SQL builder to improve performance
    • [ENG-2525] - Use index compression on SQL Server 2016 SE or newer to improve performance
    • [ENG-2715] - Created new Macro Example: Change port based on the environment (viz., obtained from the deployment context)
    • [ENG-2716] - Created new Macro Example: Change AWS security group based on the environment (viz., obtained from the deployment context)
    • [ENG-2717] - Created an example stitch repository for rules
    • [ENG-2841] - Voya Cloud Foundry - Rolling Deployments & Sidecar processes - (With single application deployment using manifest file)
    • [ENG-2981] - Investigated the effort required to integrate Pendo into Deploy [0.5 Day]
    • [ENG-3011] - Run Jetty server with help of Spring Boot
    • [ENG-3033] - Added a checkbox to force branch deletion after a successful publish of the change set
    • [ENG-3041] - Added a build job to a template to generate release notes (instead of manual)
    • [ENG-3098] - Collect data about applications with dependencies, including how many applications and how many dependencies they have
    • [ENG-3101] - Collect more information about environments, including the numbers of containers and dictionaries (restricted to containers and applications)
    • [ENG-3103] - Collect type system json metadata, store in archive, calculate number of types
    • [ENG-3277] - Createc a separate repository for central configuration information
    • [ENG-3278] - Generated initial configuration files for new XLD setup in Git.
    • [ENG-3279] - Provide out of the box Git installation
    • [ENG-3546] - Removed "Suggest a feature" option from Deploy
    • [ENG-3765] - Upgraded UI Libraries for xld-ci-explorer
    • [ENG-3766] - Upgraded UI Libraries for xl-react-components
    • [ENG-3767] - Upgraded UI Libraries for xld-stitch-workbench
    • [ENG-3785] - Modify Jenkinsfile and add labels to be able to run specific groups of Integration and SQL tests
    • [ENG-3914] - Identified cause of UI performance problems in deployment mapping screen
    • [ENG-3935] - Upgraded 'react-select' component in xl-react-components
    • [ENG-3966] - Add master ahead of branch merge
    • [ENG-4018] - Made Deploy and Platform run on JDK11 (remove backward compatibility for JDK8)
    • [ENG-4049] - Identified what should be done to use dot-components for navigation changes in Deploy UI
    • [ENG-4075] - In Deployit950HashAlgorithmUpgrader read xl-deploy.conf from config server
    • [ENG-4078] - Change DeployitBootstrapper and TaskExecutionEngineBootstrapper to read default properties
    • [ENG-4079] - Check database connection in XLDeployServer by validating xl-deploy.conf from config server
    • [ENG-4083] - Read xl-deploy.conf from config server in OpenIdConnectConfig and WebSocketMessageBrokerConfig
    • [ENG-4090] - Modified scripts in the bin folder to use the server config rather than use the local conf/xl-deploy.conf file
    • [ENG-4091] - Moved properties from to xldeploy.conf
    • [ENG-4092] - Made integration test server in integration/core start by connecting to the config server
    • [ENG-4093] - Read from config server
    • [ENG-4099] - Updated PlainTextConfigClient to read configuration from deployit.conf
    • [ENG-4105] - Allow the user to set the Header color for the Deploy instance being used
    • [ENG-4139] - Identified how to increase performance of the deployment/dictionary API
    • [ENG-4140] - Identified how to increase performance of the "Deployment" API during an Undeploy operation
    • [ENG-4150] - Fixed Bamboo deploy builds sometimes getting java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
    • [ENG-4213] - Added support last 2 versions of Bamboo plugin (7.2.1 and 7.2.2)
    • [ENG-4298] - Configured Spring to inject values from xl-deploy.conf into spring @Value
    • [ENG-4299] - Ensure Deploy plugin for Bamboo encrypts the password
    • [ENG-4301] - Do not use typesafe config from xl-deploy.conf, inject all through spring @Value
    • [ENG-4304] - Changed LDAP docker setup to avast-gradle docker setup
    • [ENG-4307] - Regarding: WLP plugin deleting server files -- this feature works as designed
    • [ENG-4321] - Investigated the impact of using udm.CompositePackage (Deprecated) on performance
    • [ENG-4322] - Fixed the missing spinner on the Quick Deployment screen when App/Env is selected
    • [ENG-4324] - Investigated a long wait when adding dictionaries to Environments
    • [ENG-4357] - Fixed: WLP Deloyment fails executing Python Step: Module named Jackson not found
    • [ENG-4504] - Set up pipeline for comparison of performance results on Stater datataset for different versions of Deploy
    • [ENG-4507] - Set up mock infrastructure for Stater
    • [ENG-4517] - Investigated the bottleneck in WorkdirInjectorFactory
    • [ENG-4536] - Create documentation for ENG-4154: Anonymiser - Encrypt imported CI password with local key store
    • [ENG-4553] - Created an embedded configuration server
    • [ENG-4554] - Move command-whitelist.json to configuration server folder for initial setup
    • [ENG-4555] - Adapt workers to initial configuration server
    • [ENG-4562] - Investigated Terraform Preview Step fails when deploying a "confidential" CI
    • [ENG-4567] - Created an automation test for custom context root
    • [ENG-4576] - Migrated db-anonymize.json to central configuration
    • [ENG-4610] - Creatde integration tests for Jetty with SSL connection
    • [ENG-4614] - Verified that hide.internals=true still works after spring boot migration
    • [ENG-4656] - Moved GUI configuration from xl-deploy.conf to xld-client-gui.yaml
    • [ENG-4658] - Moved the migration configuration from xl-deploy.conf to xld-migration.yaml
    • [ENG-4660] - Moved secret complexity configuration from xl-deploy.conf to xld-secret-complexity.yaml
    • [ENG-4665] - Moved websockets configuration from xl-deploy.conf to xld-websockets.yaml
    • [ENG-4674] - Improved performance of deployment placeholder substitution flow - initial and update
    • [ENG-4741] - Renamed central-config folder to centralConfiguration
    • [ENG-4764] - Turned off the questions from liquibase during start up of worker
    • [ENG-4769] - Implemented SSH connection to GCP hosts inside overthere by using OsLogin API
    • [ENG-4770] - Implemented SSH connection to GCP hosts inside overthere by using metadata
    • [ENG-4772] - Implemented GCP SSH connection inside xl-deploy - GcpSshHost
    • [ENG-4805] - Used streams in db anonymizer to improve performance
    • [ENG-4896] - Finalised clean up of JCR in xl-platform
    • [ENG-4918] - Added 2 newly created configuration files to "Upgrade using the automated file copy option"
    • [ENG-4968] - Added endpoint to refresh configuration files
    • [ENG-4969] - Created PR tests for Overthere
    • [ENG-4970] - Updated jdk from 1.7 to jdk 1.11 for overthere
    • [ENG-4988] - Added centralConfiguration directory to the zip from link Get Data for Support
    • [ENG-4993] - Fixed master master setup for central configuration upgrade
    • [ENG-4998] - Created an upgrader for spring-session
    • [ENG-5157] - Verified Stitch passed regression tests for Deploy 10.1.0 hardening
    • [ENG-5183] - Send only id and type of configuration item through Web Sockets
    • [ENG-5238] - Ensure new configuration values are used (without user involvement) after startup and upgrades run
    • [ENG-5248] - Send web socket messages from workers to automate creation and deletion of CIs


    • [ENG-2090] - Created MSSQL driver performance improvement : sendStringParametersAsUnicode
    • [ENG-2362] - Improved performance of deployment/dictionary
    • [ENG-2925] - Improved performance of "Deployment" API during Undeploy
    • [ENG-3965] - Added automatic sync on publish
    • [ENG-4154] - Anonymiser - Encrypt imported CI password with local key store
    • [ENG-4251] - Support batch read checks for Permission API
    • [ENG-4261] - Improved how we do reflections (synthetic improvement)
    • [ENG-4278] - Improved row mapper
    • [ENG-4916] - Added new timeout in overthere ssh connection that will change ssh connection timeout
    • [ENG-4995] - Improved placeholders replacement performance

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-1462] - Fixed: placeholders were not added to Deploy when imported from Jenkins
    • [ENG-1643] - Fixed: Unable to export audit report from XL Deploy UI on k8s platform
    • [ENG-2612] - Stop expired session from being updated in DB
    • [ENG-3099] - Fixed: modal dialog is not closing with escape
    • [ENG-3166] - Fixed IE workbench build
    • [ENG-3343] - Fixed TypeNotFound, CannotLocateArtifactException, and NullPointerException errors that occurred while upgrading
    • [ENG-3790] - Fixed out-of-range integer as a 2-byte value problem encountered with huge dataset for XLD
    • [ENG-3792] - Fixed: disabled button was clickable in change set row
    • [ENG-3801] - Make Deploy plugin for Bamboo persist the entered password
    • [ENG-3816] - Fixed: Stitch - the view log button was enabled and threw error when branch was not synced
    • [ENG-3865] - Fixed: sync sources didn't work on master/worker
    • [ENG-3866] - Fixed: Failed Source sync doesn't show it is failed on GUI
    • [ENG-3920] - FIXED: TaskArchiveQueueRetriever WAS using the wrong JmsTemplate instance
    • [ENG-3939] - Fixed: the top 10 applications report was causing an error when live/archive databases are different
    • [ENG-3961] - Fixed broken
    • [ENG-3962] - Fixed validation when saving a rule file
    • [ENG-4011] - Fixed: XL-Deploy server wouldn't render a page without license file in the conf folder
    • [ENG-4021] - Fixed: flaky start of integration tests occurred connection to derby network DB failed
    • [ENG-4023] - Fixed: logs didn't contain startup information or url to access
    • [ENG-4050] - Removed unnecessary library from XLD dist
    • [ENG-4142] - Fixed multifile error with proper multifile yaml documents
    • [ENG-4156] - Fixed: Helm plugin was not accepting -f options for overriding values.yaml file
    • [ENG-4148] - Fixed: Deployit1000ReadOnlyRoleUpgrader failing
    • [ENG-4171] - Fixed database validation error on setup command
    • [ENG-4229] - Added scalac-scapegoat-plugin to the thirdPartyLicense ignoredGroups list
    • [ENG-4313] - Fixed: Jenkins DAR generations splits additionalInstallFlags
    • [ENG-4451] - Support multiple types resulting from expressions in JsonPatchProcessorHandler
    • [ENG-4528] - Fixed: HoconPropertySourceLoader didn't take into account xl-deploy.conf from xld-config module
    • [ENG-4530] - Fixed: new xl-deploy installation failed with mysql8 and 8.0.23 driver
    • [ENG-4609] - Fixed: SSL for Jetty was not properly configured after migration to spring boot
    • [ENG-4623] - Fixed: could not launch Deploy through Loadbalancer IP(HAProxy)
    • [ENG-4644] - Fixed: cmd.Command type CI in satellite threw NPE and failed
    • [ENG-4757] - Fixed terraform hcl2json failing on type transformation
    • [ENG-4788] - Fixed: flaky tests for sql-unit-tests failing with Unknown type [template.upm-test.DummyCi]
    • [ENG-4817] - Fixed: SQL error thrown in repository/cis/read
    • [ENG-4880] - Fixed test failure with Deploy GUI Firefox/master
    • [ENG-4907] - Fixed issues in OIDC plugin after spring-boot migration
    • [ENG-4914] - Fixed central configuration upgrade test failures
    • [ENG-4917] - Fixed: upgrader threw error when repository-keystore.jceks doesn't exist
    • [ENG-4930] - Fixed: configuration of repository database was incorrect
    • [ENG-5108] - Fixed design inconsistencies with buttons in stitch modals
    • [ENG-5109] - Fixed: Validate if required properties of stitch rule/macro are empty
    • [ENG-5172] - Fixed: upgrade for central configuration was not working
    • [ENG-5187] - Fixed: Nullpointerexception occurred with scheduled cmd package after Deploy Restart
    • [ENG-5379] - Fixed: Docker image of DAI Deploy -10.1 nightly was not working
    • [ENG-5414] - Updated xl-deploy-nightly-plugin in xld-ci-explorer-data and integration-server-data repos
    • [ENG-5415] - Fixed: LDAP integration failed with Deploy 10.1
    • [ENG-6609] - Fixed the failed rollbacks of J2CResourceAdapterSpec deployments for WAS Plugin. Deploy 10.1.1 release notes

    New features

    • [ENG-4657] - Move JMX configuration from xl-deploy.conf to xld-jmx.yaml
    • [ENG-4779] - Integrate Pendo with Deploy

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-5439] - Rename centralConfiguration files name prefix from xld to deploy.
    • [ENG-5498] - In-process worker does not connect and Deploy does not start.
    • [ENG-6609] - Fixed failed rollbacks of J2CResourceAdapterSpec deployments for WAS Plugin.
    • [ENG-6748] - Fixed the issue on status check during Start and Stop Server control task runs for WLS Plugin.
    • [ENG-6997] - Fixed the issue of was.SibQueueSpec failing during undeploy with cluster mode for WAS Plugin. Deploy 10.1.2 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-5316] - aws.rds.DBInstanceSpec subnet group marked as required for AWS Plugin.
    • [ENG-5621] - The maximum number of characters allowed for Deploy placeholders is 255 characters. Deploy 10.1.3 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-2022] - Fix made to ensure multiple updates to the same CI will pick the latest key and token from the previous update for WAS Plugin.
    • [ENG-2570] - Updated the file.Folder error message.
    • [ENG-2618] - Fixed an issue that prevented users from creating deployment packages that consist of a single file with no content (0 bytes) on Deploy sites that use the Oracle database.
    • [ENG-4509] - Fixed a security vulnerability to prevent directory traversal attacks. Deploy 10.1.4 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-6600] - Fixed the issue where the Terraform plugin did not work when Stitch was enabled.
    • [ENG-7133] - Fixed the issue that caused product registration page to break when Deploy is configured with the OIDC setup.
    • [FI-496] - Fixed Deploy 9.7.10 and 10.0.0 performance issues.
    • [FI-659] - Fixed the issue with large DARs that caused the Deploy application to go down.
    • [FI-753] - Fixed the Deploy Connection Lost Error.
    • [FI-813] - Fixed a session time out issue due to which the Deploy application stopped abruptly. Deploy 10.1.5 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [FI-744] - Fixed the issue where XL-deploy failed when configured to start the JMX.
    • [FI-746] - Fixed the RabbitMQ max message size exceeded error.
    • [FI-785] - Fixed the issue that prevented environment export if the name has spaces.
    • [FI-787] - Updated the task.step.execution-threads property in xl-deploy.conf file.
    • [FI-800] - Fixed the placeholders issue where the empty folders are deleted.
    • [FI-829] - Fixed the "Cannot be cast error" when upgrading XLD from 9.5.3 to 10.2.2. Deploy 10.1.6 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-7904] - Fixed the issue with stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in the Maintenance banner.
    • [ENG-7980] - Fixed the broken Jython patch for issues 2618 and 2894. Deploy 10.1.7 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [FI-830] - Fixed the AWS CloudFormation file validation issue.
    • [FI-851] - Fixed the memory consumption issue caused when upgrading to Deploy 10.0.5. Deploy 10.1.8 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [FI-868] - Fixed the OIDC session time out upon inactivity issue. Fixed the issue with user session timeout handling where user had to re-login despite OIDC session being active. Deploy will now use the already active OIDC session without forcing user to re-login.
    • [FI-869] - Fixed the issue with importing file.Folder CI that has accented characters.
    • [FI-880] - Fixed the issue with scheduled tasks where user with proper permissions is not able to see them.
    • [FI-910] - Fixed the issue where the accented characters were not displayed in Dictionary upon saving. Deploy 10.1.9 release notes

    Note: We recommend that you do not upgrade to this version due to a known issue with Oracle database where the application fails to authorize the user in case of non-admin users. Instead, we recommend that you install the next maintenance version that includes the fix.

    Field incidents

    • [FI-847] - Fixed the issue where invalid archive is not copied when Replace Placeholders is enabled.
    • [FI-853] - Fixed the latency issue that caused some delay in loading the Deploy application logo.
    • [FI-856] - Fixed the issue where the non-admin users cannot view the old archived tasks that were visible before the upgrade.
    • [FI-897] - Updated warnings for unresolved placeholders when updating the deployment.
    • [FI-934] - Fixed the crowd integration issue.
    • [FI-936] - Fixed the issue that limited maximum number of expressions in a list to 1000.
    • [FI-938] - Fixed the deployment issue that occurred when Deploy is started as a service.
    • [FI-951] - Fixed the latency issue that caused some delay in loading the Deploy application logo.
    • [FI-955] - Fixed the Task archive issue with mysql database.
    • [FI-963] - Deploy and Release are not susceptible to log4j vulnerability. Though Deploy and Release were bundled with log4j-to-slf4j and log4j-api files, these JAR files cannot be exploited. While neither these files nor Deploy and Release are susceptible to attack due to this log4j vulnerability, some threat detection systems may flag these files. To avoid any such false positive threat indications in future, the latest log4j library files (interface and supporting third party libraries) were bundled with both Release and Deploy. For more information, see Log4j Vulnerability to Zero-Day Exploit and Release and Deploy. Deploy 10.1.10 release notes

    Field incidents

    • [FI-954] - Fixed a UI issue that prevented automatic user session timeouts past the threshold idle time. Deploy 10.1.11 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • ENG-9080 — Fixed an issue where the cluster data was not properly persisted in the database. Deploy 10.1.13 release notes

    Bug Fixes and Field Incidents

    Note: There is no Deploy version 10.1.12.

    • D-20597 - Fixed an issue with the Deploy Oracle Service Bus (OSB) plugin that prevented users from being able to deploy packages with placeholders.
    • ENG-7906 - Fixed an issue due to which only users with Report-View permission were able to download the generated report.
    • D-20598 - Fixed the INTERACTIVE_SUDO connection type vulnerability. Deploy 10.1.14 release notes

    Bug Fixes and Field Incidents—10.1.14

    • D-18895 - Fixed an issue with the user session expiry for a deleted user, who has the permission or access to an active session. Now, a deleted user will be denied access to an active session. Deploy 10.1.15 release notes

    Bug Fixes and Field Incidents—10.1.15

    • D-19883 - Fixed an issue that removed the logo up on adding a custom logo.