Release Manual

    Upgrade instructions

    For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade XL Deploy.

    Important: If you plan to skip versions when you upgrade, ensure that you read the version-specific upgrade notes for each intermediate version. You may be required to perform manual actions as part of the upgrade.

    XL Deploy 6.0.7

    XL Deploy 6.0.7 release notes


    • [DEPL-11685] - Add AccessLogFilter for incoming HTTP requests

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-11357] - Deployment fails due to 'Text file busy' message
    • [DEPL-11589] - When DB2 is installed on Windows, DB2 username and password appears in plain text in deployit.log
    • [DEPL-11784] - Script interpolates password string with $ character
    • [DEPL-12203] - Task execution hangs after satellite is restarted and task is resumed from the XL Deploy user interface
    • [DEPL-12547] - setting fileEncodings ignored when enabling scanplaceholders

    XL Deploy 6.0.6

    XL Deploy 6.0.6 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10388] - Common folder in database plugin does not work
    • [DEPL-11231] - Import of composite package fails
    • [DEPL-11334] - Task object on the client side doesn't have the correct structure to fetch all step IDs
    • [DEPL-11419] - None.get exception occasionally occurs
    • [DEPL-11428] - TrustStore Password is exposed in wrapper.log
    • [DEPL-11533] - Information missing from server log messages for control tasks
    • [DEPL-9442] - lastModifiedAfter is ignored in GET /repository/query REST call
    • [DEPL-9832] - Cannot use placeholders in provisionable names

    XL Deploy 6.0.5

    XL Deploy 6.0.5 release notes


    • [DEPL-11060] - Upgrade service wrapper to yajsw-stable-12.08

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10317] - Deltas not belonging to a delta specification are ignored during planning
    • [DEPL-10773] - TaskNotFound error occurs while cancelling a task
    • [DEPL-10797] - XXE vulnerability in importing packages
    • [DEPL-10902] - Large deployment via satellite occasionally returns KryoException related to buffer overflow
    • [DEPL-10987] - "Register deployeds" step can be skipped, resulting in repository that is not updated
    • [DEPL-11224] - Status of deployment steps is not updated in Task Monitor
    • [DEPL-9246] - Artifact is uploaded twice in target host when using satellite
    • [DEPL-9433] - Service wrapper occasionally fails to start XL Deploy server on Unix
    • [DEPL-9492] - Performing an update deployment to a shared library or virtual host after CIs have been re-discovered results in NullPointerException
    • [DEPL-9647] - NOOP Deltas not present in DeltaSpecification for rollbacks
    • [DEPL-9711] - Included service wrapper is most likely vulnerable

    XL Deploy 6.0.3

    XL Deploy 6.0.3 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-10746] - Support import of packages from URL behind a proxy

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10811] - Overthere causes slow communication over SSH when using JumpStation
    • [DEPL-10846] - Overthere returns exception when PEM file is specified

    XL Deploy 6.0.2

    XL Deploy 6.0.2 upgrade notes

    Puppet plugin enhanced with provisioning functionality

    The XL Deploy Puppet plugin has been enhanced with the functionality that was previously provided by the Provision Puppet plugin. The Puppet plugin is included in the XL Deploy distribution.

    Note: After you upgrade to XL Deploy 6.0.2, ensure that the plugins directory does not contain any version of xld-provision-puppet-plugin-x.x.x.xldp.

    Known issues

    In XL Deploy 6.0.2, deployment and undeployment plans that involve satellites show an empty step block called "Step block" near the end of the plan. This is a cosmetic bug that does not affect the execution of the plan. It will be fixed in a future maintenance release.

    XL Deploy 6.0.2 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10339] - Unrecoverable task on satellite can result in hanging XL Deploy task execution
    • [DEPL-10341] - XL Deploy server hangs when task running on satellite fails
    • [DEPL-10342] - Cannot cancel a task with satellite that failed while checking extension on satellite
    • [DEPL-10588] - Cannot set satellite CI properties through Jython API
    • [DEPL-10737] - Overthere causes slow communication over SSH
    • [DEPL-9339] - file.Folder or generic.Folder cannot be imported if the name of the CI ends with .zip
    • [DEPL-9870] - Cannot export CI with CLI by using repository.exportCisAndWait method

    XL Deploy 6.0.1

    XL Deploy 6.0.1 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10191] - Java process is not stopped after deploying to WebLogic with satellite
    • [DEPL-10532] - Daemon is not stopped after deploying to WebSphere with satellite
    • [DEPL-10671] - Adding repository.keystore.password to deployit.conf does not work when using encryption
    • [DEPL-10680] - Importing and deploying a package containing a ZIP file using Maven changes the permissions of files in the ZIP to 0000

    XL Deploy 6.0.0

    XL Deploy 6.0.0 new features

    Technical Preview of the Explorer now available

    XL Deploy 6.0.0 includes a Technical Preview of the Explorer, an HTML-based user interface for managing configuration items, deploying applications, and provisioning environments. To access the Technical Preview, go to XL_DEPLOY_URL:PORT/technical-preview.html.

    For more information about the Explorer, refer to Using the Explorer.

    We want your feedback! Please share your experience with the Technical Preview here.

    Merged deployment and provisioning models

    To simplify provisioning configuration and streamline the provisioning process, the deployment and provisioning models have been merged in XL Deploy 6.0.0. Provisioning configuration items are now part of UDM, including a new package type for provisioning (udm.ProvisioningPackage).

    To provision an environment, use the Deployment Workspace; the Provisioning Workspace is no longer available.

    For information about provisioning, refer to Provisioning through XL Deploy.

    New support for the SMB protocol

    XL Deploy now supports the SMB network file sharing protocol through the Overthere framework. The SMB protocol provides better performance than the CIFS protocol when connecting to Microsoft Windows hosts.

    Note: SMB support will also be implemented in XL Deploy 5.5.6.

    New task execution engine options

    You can now configure advanced options such as the maximum number of simultaneous running tasks allowed in the XL Deploy task engine. For more information, refer to Configure the task execution engine.

    Automatically archive tasks according to a policy

    XL Deploy keeps all active tasks in the Task Monitor, which is available under the gear button. Executed tasks are archived when you manually click Close or Cancel on the task. Now, you can define a custom task archive policy that will automatically archive tasks that are visible in the Task Monitor. For more information, refer to Automatically archive tasks according to a user-defined policy.

    Optimized application dependencies and orchestration

    Deployments with application dependencies are no longer ordered by reverse topological order by default. To enforce reverse topological order, use the sequential-by-dependency orchestrator. This orchestrator will deploy all applications in reverse topological order to ensure that dependent applications are deployed first. You must manually select this orchestrator when setting up the deployment (including updates of applications that are already deployed).

    XL Deploy 6.0.0 also includes a parallel-by-dependency orchestrator, which will deploy applications in parallel as much as possible; it groups applications by dependency, then executes the deployment in parallel for applications in the same group.

    For more information about orchestrators, refer to Types of orchestrators in XL Deploy.

    Undeploy applications with dependencies

    You can now undeploy an application with all of its direct or transient dependencies by setting the Undeploy Dependencies property on a deployment package or in the deployment properties. If this option is not enabled, the application will be undeployed, but its dependencies will remain deployed. For more information, refer to Application dependencies in XL Deploy.

    Configurable dependency resolution policy

    In past versions, XL Deploy always selected the highest possible version in the dependency range of each application that would be deployed because of dependencies. Now, you can use the Dependency Resolution property on a deployment package to determine whether XL Deploy will:

    • Always select the highest possible version in the dependency range
    • Only select a new version if the currently deployed version does not satisfy the dependency range

    For more information, refer to Application dependencies in XL Deploy.

    New by-deployed orchestrators available

    XL Deploy 6.0.0 includes new parallel-by-deployed and sequential-by-deployed orchestrators. For information about orchestrators, refer to Types of orchestrators in XL Deploy.

    XL Deploy 6.0.0 upgrade notes

    Automatic upgrade is not supported for provisioning CIs and plugins

    Due to changes in XL Deploy configuration items (CIs), it is not possible to automatically upgrade from XL Deploy 5.5.x to 6.0.0 if your repository contains provisioning (UPM) CIs.

    To upgrade, first manually delete all CIs under the Blueprints, Providers, and ProvisioningEnvironments root nodes, including directories. The repository must not contain any CIs of the following types:

    upm.AppliedProvisioner upm.BaseEmbeddedProvisionable
    upm.BaseEmbeddedProvisioned upm.Blueprint
    upm.Dictionary upm.Provider
    upm.Provisionable upm.Provisioned
    upm.ProvisionedBlueprint upm.Provisioner
    upm.ProvisioningEnvironment upm.ProvisioningPackage
    Any custom CI type that extends one of the above types

    After you have deleted the CIs, follow the procedure to upgrade XL Deploy. Ensure that the plugins directory of your upgraded installation contains the 6.0.0 version of the xld-aws-ec2-plugin-6.0.0.xldp plugin. Also, ensure that the plugins directory does not contain any version of the xld-provision-x.y.z.xldp plugin.

    After you upgrade, you can recreate CIs related to provisioning by using UDM CI types.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    Before upgrading, check whether there are any hotfixes installed in the XL Deploy hotfix directory. If hotfixes are installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    Items deprecated in XL Deploy 6.0.0

    Composite packages

    Composite packages (udm.CompositePackage) are deprecated as of XL Deploy 6.0.0. Application dependencies should be used instead.

    XL Scale

    Support for XL Scale, the XL Scale EC2 plugin, and the XL Scale vSphere plugin is deprecated as of XL Deploy 6.0.0. The XL Deploy provisioning feature should be used instead.

    Items removed in XL Deploy 6.0.0

    Provisioning-related items

    In XL Deploy 6.0.0, the deployment and provisioning models are merged. The following items have been removed:

    • The Provisioning screen in the XL Deploy GUI
    • All UPM CIs (UDM CIs should be used instead)
    • The XL Deploy CLI provisioning extension

    XL Deploy 6.0.0 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-5279] - Allow tasks to be automatically archived according to a policy
    • [DEPL-8146] - Add feedback of satellite connection during task execution
    • [DEPL-8466] - Implement rollback for satellite
    • [DEPL-8679] - Ensure that only a maximum number of tasks is active in the system
    • [DEPL-8685] - Allow the thread pool executor to be configured
    • [DEPL-9415] - Allow currently deployed version of application to be used if it satisfies dependency range
    • [DEPL-9852] - Allow application dependencies to be automatically undeployed
    • [DEPL-9901] - Merge provisioning and deployment configuration items and APIs
    • [DEPL-9905] - Support parallel-by-deployed and sequential-by-deployed orchestrators
    • [DEPL-9980] - Support parallel-by-dependency orchestrator
    • [DEPL-10035] - Add feedback in step log for satellite control tasks
    • [DEPL-10096] - Support a QUEUED state for steps
    • [DEPL-10097] - Allow the task execution thread pool to be configured
    • [DEPL-10110] - Implement SMB support in XL Deploy
    • [DEPL-10124] - Implement SMB support in Overthere
    • [DEPL-10257] - Output what will be updated in the final step of a deployment or provisioning plan
    • [PLAT-413] - Add logging to the JCR garbage collector


    • [DEPL-8622] - Show log message when a satellite terminates
    • [DEPL-8623] - Show log message when satellite is ready to be used
    • [DEPL-9755] - Improve performance of calculating application dependencies

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10003] - Deploying file.Folder via SFTP merges parent folder and subfolder if they have the same name
    • [DEPL-10027] - Cannot use database plugin with satellite
    • [DEPL-10046] - Scrollbar is not moved to the bottom of a Roles view component when user clicks the "+" button
    • [DEPL-10088] - XL Deploy hangs when transferring files to a satellite
    • [DEPL-10220] - When updating an application, XL Deploy updates deployables that have not changed
    • [DEPL-10287] - Stack trace for error in Jenkins is repeated multiple times in log
    • [DEPL-10344] - Update deployments do not pick up changed dictionary values
    • [DEPL-10351] - Unresolved property placeholders are no longer left as-is
    • [DEPL-6265] - Scrollbar is not moved to the bottom of a MAP_STRING_STRING component when user clicks the "+" button
    • [DEPL-7244] - Locating and clicking on tasks in the Task Monitor is difficult
    • [DEPL-7950] - Uploading an artifact can result in "Idle timeout expired: 30000/30000 ms" exception
    • [DEPL-8601] - Satellite ping fails without a clear error message in the GUI
    • [DEPL-8887] - Incorrect log messages for step descriptions in deployit.log
    • [DEPL-9136] - Exiting the CLI causes the terminal to hang
    • [DEPL-9339] - file.Folder or generic.Folder cannot be imported if the name of the CI ends with .zip
    • [DEPL-9381] - Task recovery fails if a task with staging is canceled
    • [DEPL-9399] - Deployment fails if artifact resolver cannot find an artifact file, even if the file is not needed
    • [DEPL-9765] - Using a UI extension returns a 500 error
    • [DEPL-9770] - Reloading xl-rules.xml results in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
    • [DEPL-9774] - Cannot perform an update because XL Deploy does not recognize that the application is deployed
    • [DEPL-9792] - Placeholders are not detected in Puppet manifest artifact
    • [DEPL-9856] - Opening a dictionary that contains long values takes a long time
    • [DEPL-9879] - Cannot abort a task that uses a satellite
    • [DEPL-9880] - cmd.DeployedCommand rerunCommand property does not force the command to rerun on update
    • [DEPL-9885] - WINRM_NATIVE connections cannot be established if password contains special characters
    • [DEPL-9944] - Executing many tasks concurrently may result in tasks being lost when XL Deploy starts archiving them
    • [DEPL-9947] - When user cancels a failed task, it is not removed from the GUI
    • [DEPL-9982] - Remove "by XebiaLabs" from XL Deploy title bar
    • [DEPL-9988] - Tasks in satellite stop responding when network is down