XL Satellite Reference 7.1.x

    The XL Deploy satellite module lets you to execute deployments on remote data centers. It includes:

    • An efficient system for transferring files
    • Executing deployment tasks transparently on satellite servers
    • Light process execution on data centers
    • Secure communication between XL Deploy and satellite servers based on Transport Layer Security (TLS)

    This document provides information that is specific to this version of the satellite module. For general information, refer to Getting started with the satellite module.

    CI Reference

    Configuration Item Overview


    xl.Satellite XL satellite configuration item.

    Other Configuration Items

    xl.Satellite_syncPlugins Generated type for method syncPlugins.

    Configuration Item Details


    Type Hierarchy udm.BaseContainer >> udm.BaseConfigurationItem
    Interfaces udm.Container, udm.Taggable

    XL satellite configuration item.

      Public properties
    address: STRING
    Address where the satellite can be reached.
    protocolPort: INTEGER
    Port where the satellite is listening.
    encrypted: BOOLEAN
    Enable encrypted communication.
    tags: SET_OF_STRING
    If set, only deployables with the same tag will be automatically mapped to this container.
    Control taskParameter CIAttributesDescription

    delegate = pingSatellite

    Pings the satellite for its availability. A custom command is sent to the satellite and it responds.

    syncPlugins xl.Satellite_syncPlugins

    delegate = syncPlugins

    Copies contents of the ./hotfix/plugins, ./plugins, and ./ext directories from XL Deploy to satellites.


    Type Hierarchy udm.Parameters >> udm.BaseConfigurationItem

    Generated type for method syncPlugins.

      Public properties
    delay: INTEGER = 10
    Delay between each attempt, in seconds.
    maxAttempts: INTEGER = 10
    Number of attempts to reach the satellite after restart.