Release Manual 7.6.x

    Upgrade instructions

    For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade XL Deploy.

    Important: If you plan to skip versions when you upgrade, ensure that you read the version-specific upgrade notes for each intermediate version. You may be required to perform manual actions as part of the upgrade.

    XL Deploy 7.6.0

    XL Deploy 7.6.0 is a short-term support (STS) version that will be supported until it is superseded by the next STS or long-term support (LTS) version. STS versions do not receive specific maintenance releases. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy.

    XL Deploy 7.6.0 new features

    User Interface improvements

    The HTML5-based user interfaced has been enhanced with the following:

    • In the Deployment Pipeline View it is easier to promote a version of an application from one environment to the next
    • In the Deployment Workspace, you can now refresh the application and environment trees to get the latest data; you can resize all sections of the Deployment Workspace
    • Performance of the CI Explorer Tree is greatly improved making it easy to navigate through a great number of CIs

    XL Deploy 7.6.0 upgrade notes

    Changes were made to the Reporting API

    The /export and /query calls for the TaskBlockService API were modified with a new Paging parameter that displays a specific number of results per page. You can change the maximum number of results per page by updating the parameter. To change the maximum page size:

    • If XL_DEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/conf/xl-deploy.conf was added as a configuration file, append the file with this: = custom_positive_integer
    • If the XL_DEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/conf/xl-deploy.conf configuration file is present in your XL Deploy installation and the xl { } section is defined, append this inside:

        rest {
          api {
            maxPageSize = custom_positive_integer

    Note: You must restart your XL Deploy server after modifying the xl-deploy.conf file for the changes to be picked up.

    Important: If none of the settings above are applied, the defaults to 1000 as it is pre-configured inside the XL Deploy server.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    XL Deploy 7.6.0 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-12458] - Make Promotion easier in Deployment Pipeline View
    • [DEPL-12526] - Prevent Duplicate Principal being Added to a Role
    • [DEPL-12567] - Create Docker Test Images for SQL Variants
    • [DEPL-12721] - CI Explorer Tree Performance Improvement
    • [DEPL-12729] - Reduce Log-Level of Rules Engine during XLD Start Up
    • [DEPL-12753] - Align Top Navigation of XL Deploy Across Products


    • [DEPL-10649] - Allow user to copy data from read-only fields
    • [DEPL-11327] - Add save confirmation to Global Permissions screen
    • [DEPL-11762] - Allow columns in the Deployment Workspace to be resized
    • [DEPL-12103] - Improve error handling for incorrect username and/or password
    • [DEPL-12104] - Improve handling of stacktraces in lightweight CLI
    • [DEPL-12418] - Enable Python3 support for xld-py-cli

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-10812] - Database plugin does not properly quote/sanitize arguments
    • [DEPL-12608] - DB2 - passing custom statement termination character is not working
    • [DEPL-12643] - Dictionary entries are not alphabetically ordered in HTML5 UI
    • [DEPL-12684] - Principal names overlap Remove tag button(x) in the Edit Roles Modal
    • [DEPL-12710] - Placeholders are scanned with additional empty spaces in front and end of the placeholder
    • [DEPL-12726] - /server/shutdown API in XL Deploy 7.5.0 does not terminate the process
    • [DEPL-12747] - Scanning Placeholders not working for some Dar packages like before
    • [DEPL-12792] - Deploy and Control task reports shows no results but contains "total", "results per page" and pagination after some manipulation with dates.
    • [DEPL-12810] - Log progress info about migration process
    • [DEPL-9229] - Default value for akka.remote.netty.tcp.maximum-frame-size is small for some deployments