Release Manual 9.5.x

    Upgrade instructions

    For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade XL Deploy.

    XL Deploy 9.5.4 release notes

    New Features

    • [DEPL-16098] - Allow to configure database connection timeout.
    • [DEPL-16104] - Release XL Deploy 9.5.4


    • [DEPL-15931] - Add ReportService to the ServiceHolder

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-15496] - Powershell extension getting null pointer exception on satellite
    • [DEPL-15675] - Duplicated artifacts in the work directory
    • [DEPL-15853] - Some Jenkins-triggered-deployments not executed due to deadlock
    • [DEPL-15932] - Cannot import dar package if manifest doesn't specify checksum for artifact
    • [DEPL-15997] - Password under maven flag in xl-deploy.conf encryption
    • [DEPL-16021] - XL Deploy fails when using Atlassian Crowd integration
    • [DEPL-16097] - Fix LicenseValidationFilter

    XL Deploy 9.5.3 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-15758] - Plugins still out of sync in Satellites after running "Sync Plugins"
    • [DEPL-15768] - CIs with duplicate names being created from the XL CLI YAML, causing issues with reports
    • [DEPL-15831] - Default akka.loggers configuration causes master/worker hash mismatch
    • [DEPL-15840] - Adding large numbers of dictionaries results in data being added to the 'ci' column
    • [DEPL-15844] - ELK throws java.lang.InterruptedException
    • [DEPL-15845] - policy.TaskArchivePolicy fails intermittently with an NPE
    • [DEPL-15851] - "task assign" and "task takeover" permissions do not work for scheduled tasks
    • [DEPL-15852] - "task takeover" permission only works if it is selected at a global permission level
    • [DEPL-15894] - Undeploying large applications on mssql fails with "too many parameters" error
    • [DEPL-15925] - Deployed file is truncated or becomes empty if its scanned placeholder is deleted from the CI

    XL Deploy 9.5.2 release notes


    • [DEPL-15574] - Placeholder performance improvements

    • [DEPL-15808] - Failed to archive task with error Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null"

    • [DEPL-14185] - Optimize inefficient SQL queries for GET deployment/dictionary

    • [DEPL-15498] - Improve performance of deployments in 9.x that involve placeholder replacements

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-14559] - Policy control tasks run from cron schedule don't show up in reports
    • [DEPL-15234] - When reading a configuration item (REST API for an example), the encrypted values generate a new ciphertext
    • [DEPL-15422] - Custom deployable that is defined separately from deployed cannot be exported from XLD
    • [DEPL-15492] - jar files in an archive are modified if a file in the same archive had placeholder replacement
    • [DEPL-15518] - The zipexception message: Unexpected record signature: 0X21726152 appears in the log
    • [DEPL-15533] - API call to shutdown XLDeploy can not stop service
    • [DEPL-15537] - Unnecessary stacktraces in logs caused by ActiveTasks
    • [DEPL-15606] - Close the FileOutputStream for Digest-Only entry to enable cleanup
    • [DEPL-15627] - File encoding is lost when placeholders are replaced
    • [DEPL-15651] - When upgrading from 9.0.3 with an external MySQL database to 9.5.1, migrator is connecting to a non reporting database, resulting in a non-existing table exception in the database
    • [DEPL-15664] - Creating primary key sequence doesn't work always on Oracle 12c
    • [DEPL-15670] - JSON object ["credentialsPropertyMapping"], is not a JSON object
    • [DEPL-15674] - Unable to start XL-deploy with Postgresql
    • [DEPL-15684] - Passwords are not encrypted in satellite.conf
    • [DEPL-15739] - RESTEASY003880 exception in taskBlockService.query()
    • [DEPL-15749] - XLD Upgrade(8.5 to 9.6) exits with error on Windows using "automated file copy"
    • [DEPL-15753] - (and .cmd) removes necessary jar for XLD
    • [DEPL-15759] - Starting local worker in Ubuntu 18.4 doesn't recognize worker number
    • [DEPL-15781] - Leftover temp files when replacing placeholders
    • [DEPL-15806] - JCR Migrator for XLD 9.0.6 doesn't work correctly if migrating from Derby DB
    • [DEPL-15816] - Fix migrator for migration from XL Deploy 7.5 to 9.5
    • [DEPL-15819] - "Error while fetching report" apears on Reporting page because of "SQLServerException: The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views"
    • [DEPL-15826] - Fix failing ui-extension-test for encrypted values

    XL Deploy 9.5.1 release notes


    • [DEPL-15440] - Allow the docgen plugin to use a classpath jar

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-15424] - Username error when logging into XL Deploy 9.5.0
    • [DEPL-15431] - Fixed bad handling of whitespaces in XLDeploy path
    • [DEPL-15448] - Copy step takes longer to complete in 9.0.5 since upgrading from 8.5.x
    • [DEPL-15381] - Improve error message when the external worker has no external JMS configuration
    • [DEPL-15425] - Update patch button being unexpectedly disabled when removing values of objects from the patch window
    • [DEPL-15427] - Path error when trying to add objects at the top level

    XL Deploy 9.5.0

    XL Deploy 9.5.0 is a long-term support (LTS) version that will be supported for a year after it is superseded by the next long-term support (LTS) version. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy.

    XL Deploy 9.5.0 new features

    High availability enhancements

    XL Deploy’s master-worker setup provides high availability and horizontal scalability by distributing deployment loads across worker nodes. XL Deploy 9.5 introduces enhancements to the master-worker functionality.

    Automatic queuing of tasks, even when no worker is available

    XL Deploy will queue the deployment task and automatically take care of executing it as soon as a worker is available. For details, see Configure task queuing.

    Install worker as a service or daemon

    Enable the installation of a worker as a service (Windows) or daemon (Linux). For details, see Install worker as a service.

    Improved GUI experience when a master node fails

    Previously, if you were performing activities such as editing configuration items or customizing a deployment mapping and the master node failed, you would lose all of your work in the transition to the replacement master node. XL Deploy now saves additional information about your session when you are logged in to the GUI, so that if a master node fails, you will lose less work when your session is transferred to the new master node.

    Step logs in GUI display a running history

    You can use step logs to monitor the progress of deployment steps in XL Deploy. An enhancement to the step log section of the GUI now includes a running history of previous step failures during deployment attempts to assist with troubleshooting a step with a failed state. For details, see View step logs in the GUI.

    Support for external storage of task step logs data using Elastic Stack

    Step logs for deployments that are executed on worker nodes can now be stored in Elastic Stack (, so log data is not lost if a worker fails. Previously, step logs were stored on the worker node itself, so they were unavailable if the worker crashed. For details, see Step log storage.

    Improved filtering options for monitoring and reporting GUIs

    The filtering options for monitoring deployment tasks and control tasks are now consistent with deployment reports. Filtering is improved, enabling a user to search on environments, applications and date ranges. Users can choose to view their own tasks or all tasks for which they have permissions to view. See these topics for details:

    Active session information in the GUI

    The XL Deploy GUI now includes a screen with an overview of all active user sessions: who is logged in, how many active deployment tasks they own, and how many active control tasks they own. For details, see View active user sessions.

    See value of masked fields during CI creation

    When you first establish a secret value such as a password or an encrypted dictionary entry in the GUI, you can now visually validate that what you typed or copy-pasted is correct before storing it. For details, see How password properties and encrypted dictionaries combine.

    Azure Resource Manager (ARM) blueprint support

    Azure Resource Manager (ARM) allows users to deploy applications to Azure using declarative JSON templates. In the DevOps as Code CLI, you can use the Basic ARM Template to run blueprints on platforms hosted on Azure, by creating ARM templates. This can greatly simplify the process of provisioning resources from XL Deploy and XL Release in an Azure environment. For details, see Deploy to Azure using ARM template.

    Expanded source control management tool support for blueprints

    To share blueprints with other people, you store them in a source control management (SCM) tool. In addition to GitHub, you can now store your blueprints in a BitBucket Cloud, BitBucket On-Prem, and GitLab repository. For details, see Blueprint repository.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    XL Deploy 9.5.0 release notes

    New features

    • [DEPL-14879] - Browser session state retained
    • [DEPL-14883] - Improved color contrast throughout GUIs
    • [DEPL-14925] - See value of masked fields during CI creation
    • [DEPL-14928] - Split Applications and Environments filter to work with AND operator, not OR
    • [DEPL-14973] - Filter LIST of CIs components in the properties screen using on any part of the CI path
    • [DEPL-14974] - Provide REST docs for ``@PublicApi` classes
    • [DEPL-14981] - Create new backend API for control task reports
    • [DEPL-14983] - Update new backend API for deployment task reports
    • [DEPL-14984] - Create new backend API for control tasks
    • [DEPL-14985] - Create new backend API for deployment tasks
    • [DEPL-15002] - Store information on active users and provide API
    • [DEPL-15005] - Adapt download deployment reports for split filter
    • [DEPL-15032] - Install the XL Deploy worker as a service
    • [DEPL-15045] - Provide running history of previous step failures during deployment attempts
    • [DEPL-15123] - Improve handling of scheduled date for task monitoring GUI
    • [DEPL-15203] - Implement task queuing mechanism for workers
    • [DEPL-15210] - External storage of task step logs


    • [DEPL-14966] - Persist license usage statistics

    Bug fixes

    • [DEPL-14391] - Misleading message if uploading non-existent DAR file from CLI
    • [DEPL-14821] - Print function in Jython throws NullPointerException after calling deploymentService.createTask(Deployment Object)
    • [DEPL-14897] - Improved logging detail when server fails to start due to license issues
    • [DEPL-15014] - Upgrade XL Deploy from 9.0.0 to 9.0.1 failure
    • [DEPL-15018] - Placeholder Search is not working properly
    • [DEPL-15042] - SQL password with special characters not working correctly
    • [DEPL-15084] - Compressed files become corrupted on target if scanned for placeholders
    • [DEPL-15088] - Compare with other CI function not working properly
    • [DEPL-15090] - Zip file on file.File is corrupted on upload to target host
    • [DEPL-15102] - Maintenance Mode note working properly
    • [DEPL-15103] - Spring boot executable jar does not start on target if scanned for placeholders
    • [DEPL-15104] - Auto-filling of credentials in browser causes issues during deployment
    • [DEPL-15105] - Removing auto-fill values on properties screen will still fail deployment
    • [DEPL-15132] - When using automatic versioning, update deployment generates new steps when deploying the identical deployable
    • [DEPL-15134] - Zip file attributes are lost after placeholder replacement
    • [DEPL-15136] - Add indexes on XLD_CIS and XLD_CI_PLACEHOLDERS to improve database performance
    • [DEPL-15140] - Incorrect generated plan for the step order upon adding additional dependency on the deployeds
    • [DEPL-15179] - Placeholders Dictionary Search query builder breaks for Oracle with 'column ambiguously defined' error
    • [DEPL-15242] - Placeholder in ear file not replaced on deployment
    • [DEPL-15289] - Satellite on Java 11 gets 'NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/annotation/adapters/HexBinaryAdapter' error
    • [DEPL-15327] - File is tampered with if it is zipped with another file that has placeholder replaced