Valid since:
XL Deploy 6.0.0

XL Deploy keeps all active tasks in the Task Monitor, which is available under the gear button.

Executed tasks are archived when you manually click Close or Cancel on the task. As of XL Deploy 6.0.0, you can define a custom task archive policy that will automatically archive tasks that are visible in the Task Monitor.

Automatically archive active tasks

To automatically archive active tasks according to a policy:

  1. Click Repository in XL Deploy.
  2. Right-click Configuration and select policy.TaskArchivePolicy.
  3. Enter a unique name in the Name box.
  4. In the Days to retain tasks box, enter the number of days that XL Deploy should retain tasks. If 0 days is specified, all active tasks are subject to archiving.
  5. By default, automatic policy execution is enabled and will run according to the crontab schedule defined on the Schedule tab. You can optionally change the crontab schedule or disable policy execution.
  6. By default, successfully executed active tasks and failed tasks are archived. This can be changed in the includeExecutedTasks and includeFailedTasks properties.

Tip: You can manually execute a task archive policy by right-clicking it and selecting Execute job now. To test the policy by running it without removing tasks, select Dry run policy on the Schedule tab.