Valid since:
XL Deploy 5.0.0

XL Deploy records and archives information about all tasks that it executes. This information is available through the statistics, graphs, and task archives on the Reports screen.

By default, all historical data is kept in the system indefinitely. As of XL Deploy 5.0.0, you can define a custom task retention policy if you do not want to retain an unlimited task history and/or if you want to reclaim the disk space it requires.

Note: The record of all tasks that started before the specified retention date will be removed from the archive and will no longer be visible in XL Deploy reports.

Automatically purge the task archive

To automatically purge tasks according to a policy:

  1. Click Repository in XL Deploy.
  2. Right-click Configuration and select policy.TaskRetentionPolicy.
  3. Enter a unique name in the Name box.
  4. In the Days to retain tasks box, enter the number of days that XL Deploy should retain tasks.
  5. By default, automatic policy execution is enabled and will run according to the crontab scheduled defined on the Schedule tab. You can optionally change the crontab schedule or disable the policy execution.
  6. By default, purged tasks are exported to a ZIP file in XL_DEPLOY_SERVER_HOME/exports. You can optionally specify a different directory in the Archive path property on the Export tab.

    The property accepts ${ } placeholders, where valid keys are CI properties with addition of execDate and execTime.

    Task retention policy

Tip: You can manually execute a task retention policy by right-clicking it and selecting Execute job now. To test the policy by running it without removing tasks, select Dry run policy.