The Release to Customer Filter is a core concept that XL Impact is based on. Release to Customer is a filter that helps XL Impact discover when a new version was released and when the version becomes visible to your customers.

Important: You must ensure the Release to Customer Filter is correctly configured. By configuring Release to Customer, you are creating your own definition of a release (for example: releasing a version of an application to your customer).

For the majority of Insights, XL Impacts tries to analyze every event and determine to which Release to Customer it belongs to.

Examples of Release to Customer filters:

  • A Jenkins job that uploads a new release version of an application to the Downloads section of company website
  • A Jenkins job that pushes a new version of a web application to the production infrastructure

At the moment, you can select only one of two options as the Release to Customer filter: Jenkins build or XLR Release. To use only successful Jenkins builds or XLR Releases as releases to client, it is recommended to add a Success state type filter.

Ensure that the events filtered by the Release to customer filter are correct. Example: If you perform a release once every two weeks, then the filtered events should also occur once every two weeks.

Note: If your release pipeline contains hotfixes (small releases with the purpose of bug fixing), you should not consider these as Release to Customer. The optimal outcome is to obtain correct and relevant statistics and not to mix up long (normal) releases with short (hotfix) releases.

XL Impact will then link all the other events to a particular release. The rule behind the process is: a commit is considered to be part of a Release to Customer only if it was actually released. For example: If a team is developing a product feature in a repository branch and that branch is not merged into the release branch and is not released, then the feature is not relevant or important enough. The commits to that feature branch will not be considered as part of Release to Customer and that data will not be used. If the feature is improved and when the branch is merged, then the commits to this branch will be considered as part of the nearest actual release.