DevOps as Code provides developers and other technical users with a alternative way to interact with the XL DevOps Platform using text-based specifications to define application artifacts, resource specifications and releases and a simple command line interface to execute them.

Support for DevOps as Code is provided by a new command line interface called XL CLI and a new file type called the XL YAML file.

  • XL Command Line Interface (XL CLI) - A lightweight command line interface that enables developers to use text-based artifacts to interact with XL Deploy and XL Release without using the GUIs.
  • XL YAML format – A declarative file format that you can use to construct specifications that can be executed by XL Deploy and XL Release.

Note: The XL CLI is compatible only with XL Deploy and XL Release version 8.5 or higher.

DevOps as Code enables you to:

  • Manage your XL YAML files like code using your preferred source code management system, allowing you to easily version, distribute and reuse them.
  • Better support complex, multi-step workflows and specifications previously configured using the XL Deploy or XL Release GUIs and enabling you to alternatively use YAML files to accomplish the same objectives.
  • Minimize human error inherent in GUI configuration by using text-based specifications.
  • Interchangeably use the XL CLI to execute XL Deploy or XL Release provisioning, deployment and orchestration activities while still being able to see them reflected in each product’s GUI.
  • Get started quickly with DevOps as Code by exporting existing configuration information to XL YAML files from XL Deploy or XL Release and executing them using the XL CLI.