Valid since:
XL Deploy 8.5.0
XL Release 8.5.0
XL JetPack 8.5.0

A blueprint guides you through a process that automatically generates YAML files for your applications and infrastructure. The blueprint asks a short series of questions about your application and the type of environment it requires, and the XebiaLabs Command Line Interface (XL CLI) uses your answers to generate YAML files that define configuration items and releases, plus special files that manage sensitive data such as passwords.

XebiaLabs provides publicly-available blueprints to help you get started. You can use these blueprints out of the box to better understand concepts and behavior and then customize them for your own requirements.

Blueprints for AWS

Data Lake Solution on Amazon EC2

AWS offers a sample Data Lake Solution that shows how you can store both structured and unstructured data in a centralized repository on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Use this blueprint to deploy the sample Data Lake Solution on EC2 using CloudFormation, which defines the infrastructure that will run on EC2. Learn more »

Microservice Application on Amazon EKS

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) allows you to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications in the cloud using Kubernetes. Use this blueprint to deploy a sample microservice-based application on EKS. Learn more »

Monolithic Application on Amazon ECS

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) is a container orchestration service for Docker-enabled applications. It works with AWS Fargate, a compute engine that allows you to run containers on ECS without having to manage servers or clusters. Use this blueprint to deploy a sample monolithic application on ECS with the Fargate launch type. Learn more »

Blueprints for Docker

Local Docker Deployment

Use this blueprint to deploy a Docker application with front-end and back-end services to Docker running locally. Learn more »