Markdown Syntax Guide

    XL Release allows your to style your text using Markdown syntax. Markdown is a way to indicate headers, hyperlink, italics, and so on in your text. In XL Release, markdown is supported in task descriptions and comments.

    This manual provides a brief overview of the most common Markdown commands.


    When you start a line with one or more # characters, it becomes a header.

    # Header 1
    ## Header 2
    ###### Header 6


    The simplest way to create a clickable hyperlink is to enter a web site address starting with http://.

    Visit our documentation at

    You can also create a link text as follows:

    Please visit [the XebiaLabs website](

    Bold and italic

    To italicize text, surround it with a single underscore (_). For bold, use a double asterisk (*).

    Choose between **bold** and _italic_.


    To create a bulleted list, begin each list item with an asterisk (*) followed by a space.

    Bullet list:
    * One item
    * Another item

    To create a numbered list, begin each list item with a number and a period (.). The numbering does not have to be exact, Markdown will calculate the proper order for you.

    Numbered list:
    1. First item
    2. Second item
    10. Last item

    More information

    Markdown has more options. For a full explanation, refer to the Markdown guide by John Gruber.