Release Manual 6.2.x

    Upgrade instructions

    For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade XL Release.

    Important: If you plan to skip versions when you upgrade, ensure that you read the version-specific upgrade notes for each intermediate version. You may be required to perform manual actions as part of the upgrade.

    XL Release 6.2.0

    XL Release 6.2.0 is a short-term support (STS) version that will be supported until it is superseded by the next STS or long-term support (LTS) release. STS releases do not receive specific maintenance releases. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy.

    XL Release 6.2.0 new features

    Release risk awareness

    Risk awareness capability for releases was improved by introducing a new release risk score. XL Release now automatically assesses multiple risk factors to assign a risk score to each release, so teams can predict which releases have a high risk of failure or delays. For more information, refer to Using risk awareness in XL Release.

    Release overview redesigned

    The new release overview page was redesigned to provide detailed visibility across all releases. This view, which combines the previous pipeline view and overview pages, can be organized by risk, along with other criteria like due dates, release duration, phases completed, and more. You can also sort and filter releases to create personalized views of your release landscape.

    Blackout period

    The new blackout period functionality gives you more control over the timing of your releases. You can set a start date and an end date for the blackout period and prevent tasks from being executed during the blackout period. For more information, refer to Set blackout period.

    XL Release 6.2.0 upgrade notes

    Pipeline view page has been removed

    The pipeline view option has been removed from the Releases menu in the top bar. The functionality of the pipeline view has been merged in the release overview page.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    XL Release 6.2.0 release notes

    New features

    • [REL-3872] - Allow user to customize date formats in user profile
    • [REL-3873] - Allow user to customize start of week day
    • [REL-4179] - Always display months, days, and AM/PM in English (US)
    • [REL-4191] - Show risk indicator dot on Release Overview
    • [REL-4192] - Order Release Overview by risk
    • [REL-4200] - Implement Planner algorithm server-side
    • [REL-4253] - Show the percentage complete for releases on Release Overview
    • [REL-4254] - Order releases by Risk, Start date, and End date on Release Overview
    • [REL-4256] - Risk information bubble
    • [REL-4257] - Redesign filter options for Release Overview
    • [REL-4258] - Show phase pipeline in Release Overview
    • [REL-4263] - Define blackout period on global level
    • [REL-4264] - Control which tasks are affected by blackout period
    • [REL-4270] - Toggle releases on "All Releases" and "My Releases"
    • [REL-4288] - Define Risk assessors
    • [REL-4294] - Redesign phase pipeline view on Release Overview page
    • [REL-4307] - Convert ReleaseActivities to event system
    • [REL-4308] - New REST API documentation
    • [REL-4318] - Remove Pipeline from Releases tab
    • [REL-4339] - Multi-tag search for releases
    • [REL-4343] - Risk information bubble design


    • [REL-1633] - Add duration field to Excel exports
    • [REL-2079] - Add calculated dates to Excel report
    • [REL-4276] - Support Http Proxy Password
    • [REL-4377] - UI improvements for Risk overview and Folders page

    API changes

    • [REL-4127] - Public API: Support task actions
    • [REL-4206] - Public API: Document error codes

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-3442] - SVN poll plugin doesn't take into consideration the branch that you specify but it polls the whole repository
    • [REL-4117] - Groovy DSL documentation from plugins/modules are not generated properly
    • [REL-4177] - Improve landing page of XL Release DSL API documentation
    • [REL-4178] - Teams members disappear when deleting a new team
    • [REL-4193] - Multiple releases from one template do not appear in folder
    • [REL-4194] - Cannot upgrade from 4.5.2 to 6.1.0
    • [REL-4283] - getTaskApi() is needed for backward compatibility
    • [REL-4287] - Create Release tasks executed in parallel cause StaleItemException
    • [REL-4293] - ItemConflictException when setting releaseVariable
    • [REL-4299] - Jenkins Build task fails while using pipeline job with build parameters.
    • [REL-4312] - suPassword field is logged in plain text when debug logging is enabled
    • [REL-4322] - Unused Release Variable of password type blocks release
    • [REL-4429] - Ok button enabled when trying to start a scheduled task/blackout task without a button