Release Manual 7.1.x

    Upgrade instructions

    For upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrade XL Release.

    Important: If you plan to skip versions when you upgrade, ensure that you read the version-specific upgrade notes for each intermediate version. You may be required to perform manual actions as part of the upgrade.

    XL Release 7.1.1

    XL Release 7.1.1 release notes


    • [REL-5071] - Disable welcome templates

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-5081] - Phase names disappear with zooming in and page refresh

    XL Release 7.1.0

    XL Release 7.1.0 is a short-term support (STS) version that will be supported until it is superseded by the next STS or long-term support (LTS) version. STS versions do not receive specific maintenance releases. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy.

    XL Release 7.1.0 new features

    Implemented bulk actions on tasks

    With XL Release version 7.1.0 you can select multiple tasks in the table view and perform various actions like assign, comment, delete, skip, complete, fail or retry, reopen, and abort. For more information, refer to Using the release table view.

    Added sorting option on My tasks view

    As of XL Release version 7.1.0 you can order your tasks within releases by start date or due date.

    Added filtering option for roles and principals

    As of XL Release version 7.1.0 you can filter the lists of roles or principals in the Roles view. Click in one of the search boxes and type the assigned role or principal you want to find.

    XL Release 7.1.0 upgrade notes

    Release API search by title

    There was a bug in the ReleaseApi.searchReleasesByTitle API method as it was not checking for user's permissions. This is now fixed. Additionally the maximum number of results of this call was limited to 100.

    Changed script.policy file

    As of XL Release 7.1.0 the script.policy file was changed to allow recursive permissions for the work directory using work/-.

      permission "work", "read";
      permission "work/-", "read, write";

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    XL Release 7.1.0 release notes

    New features

    • [REL-4387] - Better management of the task retries
    • [REL-4624] - Update XL Release to use cluster management system in Platform
    • [REL-4744] - Bulk action edit - assign, comment and delete
    • [REL-4765] - Bulk action edit - skip
    • [REL-4769] - Bulk action - complete
    • [REL-4771] - Bulk action - fail/retry
    • [REL-4838] - Bulk operations and concurrent modifications
    • [REL-4860] - Add sort options to My Tasks
    • [REL-4862] - Bulk task operations - Reopen and abort


    • [REL-4794] - Help link on Notification Setting screen
    • [REL-4899] - Roles screen - add filter for roles & principals
    • [REL-4904] - Roles screen - adding new role

    API changes

    • [REL-4195] - Public API: Support Restart Phase
    • [REL-4679] - Public API: Copy task and phase
    • [REL-4748] - Public API: Delete a phase

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-4505] - Quotes removed from json webhook response
    • [REL-4532] - Support WorkFlowMultiBranchProject in Jenkins
    • [REL-4558] - Disable 'Complete' action for User Input Task when required variables are left empty
    • [REL-4664] - XL Release long Release/Template titles hidden in Firefox; shortened in other browsers
    • [REL-4751] - Memory leak in plugin task scheduler
    • [REL-4754] - Duplicate Tags accepted using JythonApi
    • [REL-4767] - User input task throws error if release in not started
    • [REL-4780] - Logo in Notification message not displayed in Outlook
    • [REL-4808] - SMTP authentication fails
    • [REL-4809] - Redirect to "login" screen after successfully logging in with wrong URL
    • [REL-4826] - Append precondition comment to the task before task is finished
    • [REL-4836] - Can not delete value (variable) of task output property
    • [REL-4837] - Fix xlr-xldeploy-community plugin and release as version 7.0.0
    • [REL-4855] - /api/v1/releases/byTitle works only for admin user
    • [REL-4953] - Mail notification not sent for Gate tasks
    • [REL-4959] - DSLService shares ProcessingContext across invocations
    • [REL-4964] - Figure out subId sequence for Imported release/template
    • [REL-4988] - Error message is not displayed correctly when required variable is not provided when starting a release
    • [REL-4998] - Render pointer on clickable area only for tasks
    • [REL-4999] - Variables not auto-added if task type "Groovy Script / Xfile"
    • [REL-5003] - Breadcrumbs disappeared when changing filters on Releases tab
    • [REL-5013] - Add validation for task polling interval
    • [REL-5021] - Breadcrumbs disappear when changing filters in Activity logs view
    • [REL-5025] - Unable to create new release variable with the same name as a global variable