Release Manual 8.2.x

    Upgrade instructions

    XL Release 7.5.0 shipped with a new database backend. To upgrade to this version, a separate Migrator tool needs to be run.

    For detailed instructions, refer to Upgrade to XL Release 7.5.

    Migration to the new database is only supported from XL Release versions 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2. If you are on a previous version of XL Release, you need to upgrade to 7.0 first.

    Important: If you plan to skip versions when you upgrade, ensure that you read the version-specific upgrade notes for each intermediate version. You may be required to perform manual actions as part of the upgrade.

    XL Release 8.2.1

    XL Release 8.2.1 release notes

    New features

    • [REL-7351] - Support ALL variable types when starting a release
    • [REL-7440] - Ability to customize HikariCP configurations
    • [REL-7457] - Additional HikariCP settings for cluster membership connection pool


    • [REL-5123] - Use multiline strings in Releasefile export
    • [REL-7387] - Optimize archive database upgrade

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-7390] - Create Release Task produces non portable DSL for folderId
    • [REL-7391] - Transaction rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only when saving a version from XL Release using mySQL for database
    • [REL-7397] - Task with large DSL script hangs in XL Release
    • [REL-7435] - Abort On failure release property is not taking value from triggered template "Abort On failure" property
    • [REL-7450] - NPE when trying to export attachments on some templates
    • [REL-7485] - PK violation when creating release from moved template (2 different folder) with customized dashboard

    XL Release 8.2.0

    XL Release 8.2.0 is a short-term support (STS) version that will be supported until it is superseded by the next STS or long-term support (LTS) version. STS versions do not receive specific maintenance releases. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy.

    XL Release 8.2.0 new features

    Removed SCM configuration from the template level

    In XL Release version 8.2.0, SCM configuration has been removed from the template properties page. All templates that had SCM configuration configured will be upgraded and their corresponding configurations will be deleted.

    Implemented a new permission to edit the Failure Handler on release and template levels

    With XL Release version 8.2.0, you can edit the Failure Handler on release and template levels. To edit the Failure Handler on a template level, both Edit template failure handler and Edit task permissions are required. To edit the Failure Handler on a release level, both Edit release failure handler and Edit task permissions are required. All existing Release Admin and Template Owner teams are upgraded with the above mentioned permissions.

    Implemented a new permission to edit the precondition on release and template levels

    With XL Release version 8.2.0, you can edit the precondition on a template level. To edit the precondition on a template level both, Edit template precondition an Edit task permissions are required. To edit the precondition on and on a release level, both Edit release precondition and Edit task permissions are required. All existing Release Admin and Template Owner teams are upgraded with the above mentioned permissions.

    ServiceNow integration

    With XL Release version 8.2.0, you can synchronize ticket information from ServiceNow, Jira, and other tools in your DevOps pipeline.

    Manage templates in GitLab and Bitbucket source control

    In XL Release 8.2.0, template storage in GitLab and Bitbucket is supported. For more information, see Configure SCM (Source control management) connection.

    Configurable OIDC provider proxy settings

    In XL Release 8.2.0, more options for user authentication and application security are available to support for configurable OIDC provider proxy settings. XebiaLabs uses the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol to support user authentication with identity providers such as OKTA, Keycloak, and Azure Active Directory (Office 365).

    Added new section in reports dashboard tab

    In XL Release 8.2.0, the Top 10 task assignees section was added to the Reports dashboard tab. This section shows the users who spent the most time and handled the most tasks in the selected time period. This feature was deprecated between versions 7.5.0 and 8.1.0 and is available again in version 8.2.0. For more information, see Reports dashboard.

    XL Release 8.2.0 upgrade notes

    Updated AngularJS library

    With XL Release version 8.2.0, the library AngularJS was updated to 1.7.x. If your plugin is using bindings inside the controller constructor they must be moved to the $onInit method:

    Old format:

    const myController = function ($scope, MyService) {
      const vm = this;
      vm.myService = MyService;
      vm.myVariable = vm.myBindingVariable;

    New format:

    const myController = function ($scope, MyService) {
       const vm = this;
       vm.myService = MyService;
       vm.$onInit = function() {
           vm.myVariable = vm.myBindingVariable;    

    If your plugin uses element.context inside a linking function like the following:

    link: function(scope,element){ = "auto";

    They must be replaced as:

    link: function(scope,element){
        element.parent().css('overflowY', 'auto')

    For more information, see the official migration guide.

    Modified xl-release-security.xml file

    The XL_RELEASE_HOME/conf/xl-release-security.xml file has been changed. When upgrading, use the xl-release-security.xml file that is provided with XL Release 8.2.0 instead of copying the file from your previous installation. If you have customized the file — for example, by adding LDAP parameters — you must redo the changes in the new file.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    XL Release 8.2.0 release notes

    New features

    • [REL-5904] - UI Differences for OIDC plugin
    • [REL-5927] - Import template in Releasefile format
    • [REL-6372] - Move comments out of the Release JSON
    • [REL-6379] - Allow auto-completion of listbox type variable values
    • [REL-6510] - Restore the Top 10 Most Involved People to the Reports -> Dashboard
    • [REL-6612] - Make proxy settings configurable for OIDC plugin
    • [REL-6964] - Add permission for "failure handler"
    • [REL-6965] - Add permission for "precondition"
    • [REL-6992] - When creating a release, specify in which folder
    • [REL-7028] - GitLab support for template versioning
    • [REL-7030] - BitBucket support for template versioning
    • [REL-7035] - Store Release Extensions outside of the release
    • [REL-7042] - Document export/import mechanims of Releasefile (.zip)
    • [REL-7043] - Allow users to delete template versions
    • [REL-7045] - Risk extension in specialized tables
    • [REL-7051] - Create unique tags for each template version in SCM
    • [REL-7054] - Facets: domain model and CRUD
    • [REL-7055] - Facets: consistency
    • [REL-7056] - Facets: archiving
    • [REL-7067] - Allow SCM configurations per folder
    • [REL-7082] - Show progress loader while template version is being saved
    • [REL-7097] - Remove template-level SCM connection configuration
    • [REL-7204] - Move SCM related tasks outside of the akka actor message handling
    • [REL-7228] - Capture "Version deleted from template versioning" event in the template activity log
    • [REL-7276] - Support shared configuration references in Groovy DSL by title


    • [REL-6960] - Improve performance of template search in CreateReleaseTask
    • [REL-7010] - Failure Handling documentation
    • [REL-7081] - Add ability to copy template DSL into the clipboard
    • [REL-7259] - Incorrect description on Folder property of Create Release task

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-6306] - Keep me logged in checkbox do not extend session in XLR
    • [REL-6980] - Error on version control screen if template refers to a removed / missing template
    • [REL-6986] - NPE when opening Production XLR Nightly - Main Build Template > ReleaseFile Template view
    • [REL-6990] - NPE when creating new trigger in template
    • [REL-7000] - XL Release does not allow an LDAP group user to assign a task if the task is assigned to a team with a role in the LDAP group
    • [REL-7015] - [xlr-xld-plugin]: stackoverflow caused by hebrew charset
    • [REL-7025] - Trigger updates the runningTriggeredReleasesCount property for a template even when required variables are not set
    • [REL-7027] - Variable defined on trigger level ignored
    • [REL-7029] - Export of Releasefile zip creates release DSL instead of the template DSL
    • [REL-7032] - Enabling "Allow Concurrent Releases" on Trigger do not work if the releases from the trigger are being archived
    • [REL-7060] - Cannot always restore revisions
    • [REL-7070] - TokenPersistenceTest - Unit Integration tests fails with oracle
    • [REL-7137] - REST-API Documentation about setting teams is incorrect
    • [REL-7138] - Aborting a running script task makes output variables freeze
    • [REL-7182] - NPE when comparing template versions
    • [REL-7198] - Pagination on releases with same title returns same results for different pages
    • [REL-7199] - Wrong failure calculation in Risk Score
    • [REL-7249] - UX: interaction with code editor is awkward
    • [REL-7266] - actor dispatchers config can't be overwritten on xl-release.conf
    • [REL-7270] - Cannot compare versions
    • [REL-7302] - [Http Basic Auth] RFC-7235 Compliance Problem
    • [REL-7308] - Releasefile doesn't support Create Release task if template name starts with 'Release'
    • [REL-7320] - Several issues when opening sections like "Preconditions" on the Task Popup
    • [REL-7367] - Dashboard: Longest task type should not count TaskGroups