Release Manual 9.0.x

    Upgrade instructions

    The XL Release upgrade process you use depends on the version from which you are upgrading, and the version to which you want to go.

    For detailed instructions based on your upgrade scenario, refer to Upgrade scenarios.

    XL Release 9.0.6

    XL Release 9.0.6 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-8968] - Fix compatibility with xl-cli

    XL Release 9.0.5

    XL Release 9.0.5 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-7873] - A value can still be deleted when the mouse cursor is half an inch away from the "X" icon
    • [REL-8733] - Generated SQL query exceeds the 2100 parameter
    • [REL-8877] - Permissions are lost when role is updated
    • [REL-8882] - XL Release 902 Service installation failure
    • [REL-8899] - Cannot create a role if a team already has that name
    • [REL-8953] - Issue when running a groovy script tasks which uses the deployment facet

    XL Release 9.0.4

    XL Release 9.0.4 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-8872] - DevOps-as-code compatibility issue with XL Platform

    XL Release 9.0.3

    XL Release 9.0.3 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-6741] - Sanitize username for internal users
    • [REL-8842] - Protection against XSS on Variable Selector

    XL Release 9.0.2

    XL Release 9.0.2 release notes

    New features

    • [REL-6310] - Provide support for large text input fields for string type properties in Shared Configuration page

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-3060] - Password variable cannot not be empty when starting a task that uses it
    • [REL-8629] - Patch third-party vulnerable components
    • [REL-8734] - Oracle Database error: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000

    XL Release 9.0.1

    XL Release 9.0.1 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-8553] - Use folder option does not work for non-admin user
    • [REL-8634] - Unable to move a phase while running a release if one or more completed phases are hidden
    • [REL-8644] - Creating a release through "Create Release" task ignores the child template's "Abort on failure" flag
    • [REL-8645] - When creating new role on UI, XL Release updates every role (PUT roles/principals)
    • [REL-8677] - Missing user icons in XL Release table view for assignee
    • [REL-8584] - Use short release id as cache key in ReleaseActorCache

    XL Release 9.0.0

    XL Release 9.0.0 is a long-term support (LTS) version that will be supported for a year after it is superseded by the next long-term support (LTS) version. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy.

    XL Release 9.0.0 new features

    Added release audit report

    XL Release provides a new exportable release audit report that contains release data for a particular release or a set of releases. This report provides evidence for every single manual and automated task in the software delivery process. The new release audit report can be exported for a single release (.xls format) or can be exported for multiple releases at once (.zip format). For more information, see Release audit report.

    Note: if you are upgrading from a previous version, you should also upgrade the following plugins to use the release audit report:

    By default Jira and Jenkins are bundled with the installation package, and only need to be upgraded if the user installed them separately. If you use any other custom or community plugins, these should also be updated to take advantage of the release audit report.

    Added trigger management

    Added a new page in the XL Release UI where you can manage all triggers for which you have the required permissions. The Triggers management page lets you create, view, and manage triggers associated with your release templates. When you create a trigger for a release template and enable it, XL Release will execute the script associated with the trigger at a specified interval. For more information, see Triggers.

    Added support for OpenJDK 11

    As of XL Release version 9.0, OpenJDK 11 is officially supported.

    Jira plugin

    The official Jira plugin for XL Release has in-sourced common tasks from the community-based Jira plugin (xlr-jira community extension plugin). If you are using the community plugin which is now deprecated, you should migrate to the official plugin. For details, including migration instructions, see Using Jira tasks.

    New XL Generate commands

    The xl generate command has been enhanced with a number of new commands and a revised syntax. To view the full list of flags and usage, see XL Command Line Interface reference.

    Source control management

    It is now possible to send source control information from Github repositories via xl apply using the new -s flag, to XL Release templates. These can be viewed from the GUI and allow you to track any asset to the repository and commit that last updated it. For more information, see Source control management in YAML.

    New YAML format for blueprints

    The YAML format for blueprints has been redesigned for 9.0, to make it more intuitive and better suited to our customer needs. For more information on the updated YAML syntax, see Blueprint YAML format.

    Blueprint composability

    Multiple blueprints can now be composed into one master blueprint which specifies the deployment model for multiple included blueprints, by using includeBefore and includeAfter parameters. For more information, see Composable blueprints.

    New blueprints launched

    New blueprints were launched to provide YAML-based integrations with external software platforms. These include:

    • Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)
    • Amazon Web Services Lambda
    • Azure App Service
    • Composed Docker Deployments For more information, see XebiaLabs public blueprints.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading.

    XL Release 9.0.0 release notes

    New features

    • [REL-8038] - Audit report includes overview of release, phases and tasks in the release
    • [REL-8039] - Audit report can be exported as Excel
    • [REL-8043] - Added Deployment section to audit report
    • [REL-8044] - Added Build section to audit report
    • [REL-8046] - Added Security and Compliance section to audit report
    • [REL-8047] - Added Plan section to audit report
    • [REL-8051] - Show task input and output properties in audit report
    • [REL-8052] - Added Activity Log section to audit report
    • [REL-8087] - Added basic release info to audit report
    • [REL-8101] - Defined Auditor permissions for audit report
    • [REL-8105] - Added enhancements to activity logs
    • [REL-8117] - Trigger management page added to view all triggers in one UI
    • [REL-8126] - Multi-release reports available from the Release Overview page
    • [REL-8132] - Added error handling for audit report generation
    • [REL-8139] - Report Summary section shows search criteria used to generate multi-release audit reports
    • [REL-8158] - Ability to add a comment describing reasons for aborting a release
    • [REL-8197] - New UI to add and edit triggers
    • [REL-8198] - Filtering capabilities on Triggers management page
    • [REL-8201] - Trigger description property shown on Triggers management page
    • [REL-8202] - Added Delete, Enable, Disable, and Run now actions on Triggers management page
    • [REL-8240] - Established performance baselines for audit reporting
    • [REL-8261] - Folder path shown on Triggers management page
    • [REL-8267] - Optimized audit report generation process and workflow
    • [REL-8268] - Support multiple audit reports using ZIP archive
    • [REL-8269] - Establish UI for generating multi-release audit reports
    • [REL-8270] - Added IT Service Management (ITSM) section to audit report
    • [REL-8274] - Backend improvements for audit report generation
    • [REL-8275] - Add deployment history details to Deployment section of audit report
    • [REL-8296] - Added Task Details tab to Audit report
    • [REL-8297] - Created audit report email notification template
    • [REL-8310] - Added the ability to configure audit report retention period and automate cleanup
    • [REL-8317] - Enhanced Security and Compliance tab details for audit report
    • [REL-8333] - Show the total number of releases found by filtering in audit report
    • [REL-8356] - Improve Releases page performance
    • [REL-8371] - Added linking between audit report sections
    • [REL-8383] - Improved search performance when searching by release title
    • [REL-8392] - Improved Integration section based on design
    • [REL-8501] - Remove platform specific native installer from distribution


    • [REL-8032] - Added option to copy URL from task context menu
    • [REL-8295] – Improved SQL migrator performance

    Bug fixes

    • [REL-6739] - Password change logic in UI doesn't require previous password
    • [REL-6751] - Missing X-XSS-Protection header affects browser behavior
    • [REL-7988] - Cannot save folder variable with fixed list
    • [REL-7998] - Releases not completely archived when deleting parent folder
    • [REL-8361] - Dashboard rendering issues in Chrome
    • [REL-8476] - Moving a template breaks create release task
    • [REL-8505] - Cannot archive release with NULL as task title