Release Manual 9.7.x

    Upgrade instructions

    The Release upgrade process you use depends on the version from which you are upgrading, and the version to which you want to go.

    For detailed instructions based on your upgrade scenario, refer to Upgrade scenarios. Release 9.7.0 Release 9.7.0 is a long-term support (LTS) version that will be supported until superseded by the next long-term support (LTS) version. For more information, refer to Short-term support/Long-term support policy. Release 9.7.0 new features

    Secrets management Release now includes out-of-the-box support for Hashicorp Vault and CyberArk Conjur, as well as a generic interface that you can extend to integrate with your preferred secrets management solution.

    Improved audit reports

    The release audit report provides detailed information about everything that a release entails: what tasks it contained, who executed those tasks, when and where they were executed, and the tools which Release worked with to run automated tasks. The release audit report now automatically captures additional information about deployments that are executed in Deploy, such as who owned the deployment task, which environment was targeted, the result of the deployment, and whether it was rolled back.

    Improved task overview

    The Task Overview now offers better search capabilities, a new grid view and polling settings.

    Customized login screen

    Administrators can now add custom text and images to their log-in screens in Release. Using custom text messages and images you can warn or inform users against systems they are not allowed to use or not authorized to do so. This is useful in highly regulated environments which require internal IT systems to issue necessary warnings to users.


    Webhook event triggers allow you to easily integrate other Devops tools with Release. A webhook event trigger listens to event sources such as Continuous Integration tools, source control management tools, and artifact repositories. When an event occurs in a source, Release automatically starts a release, based on a specified template. Webhook event triggers include advanced filtering capabilities, so you have granular control over the event conditions that trigger a release. You can create filters using an easy-to-use visual designer or by writing Jython or Groovy scripts.

    Gate tasks

    Gate tasks now can be configured to be completed automatically after some time if all conditions and dependencies are done. This setting is enabled by default, running every 10 minutes and completing the task if the gate task started after the graceDuration (5 minutes default).

    From 9.7.2, you can disable this feature with the following config:

    xl {
      features {
        gate-actor {
          enabled = false
          graceDuration = 5 minutes
          unstuckInterval = 10 minutes

    Note: Gate tasks can also complete automatically even when no conditions and dependencies are set.

    Contact XebiaLabs Support if you have hotfixes

    If you have hotfixes installed, contact the XebiaLabs support team before upgrading. Release 9.7.0 release notes

    New features

    • [ENG-251] - Implement Password from Vault
    • [ENG-261] - Restrict encrypted values to backend only
    • [REL-10060] - Tasks screen: Add ability to search by task tags
    • [REL-10063] - Tasks screen: Add ability to search by single folder
    • [REL-10065] - Tasks screen: Add "order by status"
    • [REL-10066] - Tasks screen: Rename "My tasks" to "Tasks"
    • [REL-10078] - move the 'watchers' property and functionality from notification module to core
    • [REL-10103] - Global Permission Report
    • [REL-10149] - Finalize Permissions Report
    • [REL-10274] - Branding Modifications in XL Release
    • [REL-10325] - Branding Modifications in report/plugin/email in XL Release
    • [REL-9715] - Date time Karma unit tests fails if timezone set to Asia/Kolkata


    • [REL-10081] - Improved number of activity log inserts when updating teams on the folder page
    • [REL-10165] - Do not load all pending releases when starting XL Release
    • [REL-10166] - Enhance overdue notifications for active releases when starting XL Release
    • [REL-10167] - Enhance due soon notifications for active releases when starting XL Release
    • [REL-10168] - Enhance start pending tasks when starting XL Release
    • [REL-10171] - Write an upgrader to set values for date properties in XLR_RELEASES Table
    • [REL-10217] - Expose Quartz notification operations through JMX
    • [REL-10282] - Microsoft SQL Server database definitions should not use DATETIME type
    • [REL-10316] - Add debug logger on devops-as-code
    • [REL-9406] - Allow comments to be deleted on templates and releases
    • [REL-9568] - [Placeholder] Slowness in filtering teams in a folder with a lot of teams
    • [REL-9607] - Random global roles addition is allowed in Design > Folders > Teams and Permissions. List of pre-defined roles should exist.
    • [REL-9917] - Blank Item fields make the audit report's Activity Logs tab hard to read

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-541] - Typo in XL Release documentation
    • [ENG-544] - XLR: Color picker for phases is misaligned
    • [ENG-552] - Allow Value provider scripts execution inside the security sandbox
    • [ENG-563] - 'Control task name' field is mandatory in XL deploy-> control task type
    • [ENG-618] - Jython script task fails with NPE when all code in the task is commented out
    • [ENG-661] - Fix encryption for senderPassword field in Notification Task
    • [ENG-706] - Can not delete empty user added by mistake in Watchers and XLR gives error
    • [ENG-726] - Email notification message is not proper when active task assigned to team/user
    • [ENG-758] - Download report from email navigates to Filter Report Data under Release audit report
    • [REL-10032] - The task after "User input task" picks the old release variable value
    • [REL-10049] - Script task - global and folder variables are captured inconsistently before task starts
    • [REL-10069] - Users in Upper Case can't complete a task if it is assigned to the user in lower case
    • [REL-10126] - Duplicate tabs not consistent.
    • [REL-10156] - Release can't be created in different target folder if the template contains a task with an attachment
    • [REL-10160] - Watchers list is adding wrong watcher along with true one.
    • [REL-10173] - Fix duplication of release variables
    • [REL-10189] - Description field in task details gets wrapped badly for multi line text after saving
    • [REL-10201] - XL Release recreates deleted user
    • [REL-10309] - Variable used in markdown description or title resolved after reload only
    • [REL-10313] - No trim happens on checking duplicating name in several places including environment and application
    • [REL-10314] - When a validation error happens in Environment creation form, you have to reload otherwise there is no going forward
    • [REL-10323] - CI Id is not generated for MappedProperty on EventBasedTrigger
    • [REL-10376] - release.url is not working in script task
    • [REL-10377] - Delivery pattern: Save button doesn't get disabled in edit mode
    • [REL-3892] - Cannot complete tasks in advance when release is in Failed or Failing state
    • [REL-7905] - Generated documentation improvements
    • [REL-7981] - No "Active task assigned" notification sent to team when a task is assigned without task owner
    • [REL-8590] - Different processes for adding an unknow user for Watchers and Assignees
    • [REL-8735] - Jira workflow (jira xlr add-on) is not able to start release because optional release variables are deemed required by XLR server
    • [REL-8969] - UI defect when cursor move out of description windows.
    • [REL-9305] - Users can no longer drag tasks around in a Sequential Group Task
    • [REL-9559] - Drop-down icons floating on scrolling
    • [REL-9676] - Variables in the template's description are resolved if the template is created from an External Script task
    • [REL-9846] - ZipException when hits 404 with no content.
    • [REL-9867] - Folder Variables failing when used as a value provider for a list box
    • [REL-9878] - Resolve the role name to a global role only when calling rolesApi.getRole(roleName)
    • [REL-9896] - Disable checkbox if user does not have required permission to edit task
    • [REL-9901] - Server error for long folder name
    • [REL-9911] - Not needed padding on watchers list on task
    • [REL-9919] - Two global variables with the same name can be created
    • [REL-9951] - Variable in phase title not resolved unless user has edit release permission
    • [REL-9958] - Calendar time is miss-aligned if navigator is open Release 9.7.1 release notes

    New features

    • [REL-8498] - Script_output.log file under Attachment is not attached when task is Aborted

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-1036] - Update third party component with known vulnerabilities
    • [ENG-669] - Inherit Teams and permissions from parent folder shows correct permissions only when clicked on Save
    • [ENG-786] - Tags field on the release properties page does not have full width
    • [REL-10350] - Folder Variable value is not being passed to Input Task
    • [REL-10403] - Unable to assign permissions to teams having one character long names
    • [REL-10421] - Groovy template import unable to extract some kinds of zip files
    • [REL-10422] - Handling backslashes in variable interpolation correctly
    • [REL-10433] - Dashboard name/title is not exported in yaml for custom dashboards while exporting dashboard through XL CLI
    • [REL-10434] - While generating yaml for a template, release dashboard definition for other templates in that folder also gets included.
    • [REL-10435] - Comma in parameter is encoded in URL Release 9.7.2 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-1046] - Team name is not trimmed through API calls
    • [ENG-1374] - Security fixes for docker images
    • [ENG-1384] - XLR: Make StuckGateDetectorActor configurable
    • [REL-10351] - Team name is treated as case-sensitive which creates problem in assigning task to a team through script. Release 9.7.3 release notes

    New features

    • [ENG-1481] - XL Release doesn't fetch any build status(by using variable) for failed jenkins job
    • [REL-10441] - Case sensitivity issues on environments

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-1398] - Template Id from variable in Create Release Task is not loading
    • [ENG-1400] - Negative integer variable
    • [ENG-1439] - Links around "ServiceNow" documentation are broken
    • [ENG-1440] - TriggerTitle Upgrader on 9.0 is not compatible with 9.7
    • [ENG-1441] - Variables in XL Release triggers are overwritten when template variable is updated
    • [ENG-1461] - XLRelease980TeamsTrimName Upgrader is inconsistent with MSSQL older versions
    • [ENG-1543] - Permission Error not showing for Create Release Task for Template field
    • [ENG-1588] - Team is not visible while adding to trigger: manage trigger permission under teams and permissions
    • [REL-10430] - Column length too small in XLR_DEPENDENCIES
    • [REL-10459] - Empty string in key-value variables makes groovy export unusable Release 9.7.4 release notes

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-1707] - Fix closing brackets for html code in AngularJS Code
    • [ENG-1742] - Fix broken rrule dependency Release 9.7.5 release notes


    • [ENG-1744] - Keep keystore and truststore configuration when ssl and mutualssl flag value are toggled off
    • [ENG-1774] - Use startedFromTaskId to show a relation with relationship-plugin

    Bug fixes

    • [ENG-1747] - Fix table component on task access screen
    • [ENG-1771] - Remove zone index from IPv6
    • [ENG-1772] - Create release button can be clicked multiple times
    • [ENG-1773] - XL-CLI generates templates when only permissions are requested
    • [ENG-1781] - StuckGateActor shouldn't complete GateTasks that have no dependencies or conditions
    • [ENG-1782] - Tasks stays in progress if attachment limit exception is thrown
    • [ENG-1794] - Wrong modal title when deleting comment
    • [ENG-1813] - Restart message after installing a plugin does not appear
    • [ENG-1823] - Value provider values are not displayed properly on first load
    • [ENG-1858] - Use read_committed transaction for H2