To see an overview of all releases in XL Release on a month-by-month basis, select Releases > Calendar from the top bar (in XL Release 5.0.x and earlier, click Calendar in the top bar).

On the calendar, releases appear as light blue bars.


To see more information about a release, click it.

Tip: Hover over a dependent release to see it highlighted in the calendar.

Calendar info

Filtering the calendar

To filter the calendar, click Filter options and select:

  • All active releases to show releases that are currently in progress
  • All planned releases to show planned releases that have not started yet
  • All completed and aborted releases to show releases that are completed or aborted
  • Only my releases to show releases that you own
  • Only flagged releases to show releases that are flagged with a status message to indicate that they need attention or are at risk

To filter on the release title or tag, use the By title or tag box.

Marking special days

You can mark special days such as holidays by clicking Edit calendar day in the day on the calendar and selecting Set label. You can give special days a custom label and background color.

Special day in the calendar

Setting blackout period

You can set a blackout period to ensure that specific tasks cannot be performed during that time. For more information about blackout period, refer to Set blackout period.