The community supported xlr-xldeploy-plugin and the officially supported xlr-xld-plugin can both exist within the same XL Release instance without any conflicts. For more information about the officially supported xlr-xld-plugin, refer to Using XL Deploy plugin for XL Release.

When migrating from the community plugin to the officially supported plugin:

  • You must define a new shared configuration in Shared Configuration > XL Deploy Server for the standard plugin. The XL Deploy server configuration defined for the community supported plugin does not apply for tasks created with the officially supported plugin.

  • To migrate a deploy, undeploy, or control task defined using community plugin to the official plugin, you must use change task type option Change Task Type > XL Deploy > Deploy / Undeploy / Control Task and then re-enter the information in all the fields defined for the official plugin.

Note: The XL Deploy: Deploy task accepts the package name as Application_name/package_name (example: PetClinic/1.0) and the environment as env_name (example: MyTomcatEnv). The XL Deploy: Undeploy and Control tasks only accept the full name for the package name and environment.

Mapping of CIs

Community supported plugin Officially supported plugin
xldeploy.Server xldeploy.XLDeployServer
xldeploy.Task xldeploy.XldTask
xldeploy.TaskRunningTask Not present
xldeploy.DeployTask xldeploy.Deploy
xldeploy.UndeployTask xldeploy.Undeploy
xldeploy.ControlTask xldeploy.Controltask
xldeploy.MigrateTask Not present
xldeploy.ImportTask Not present
xldeploy.GetLatestVersionTask Not present
xldeploy.GetAllVersionsTask Not present
xldeploy.GetLastVersionDeployedTask Not present
xldeploy.DoesCIExist Not present
xldeploy.CreateCI Not present
xldeploy.DeleteCI Not present
xldeploy.DeleteInfrastructure Not present
xldeploy.UpdateCIProperty Not present
xldeploy.CliConfig Not present
xldeploy.cliTask Not present
xldeploy.cli Not present
xldeploy.cliFile Not present
xldeploy.cliUrl Not present
xldeploy.XLDVersionsTile xlrelease.XLDeployTile