Install as a service after XL TestView 1.4.0

In XL TestView 1.4.1 and later, scripts are included to install XL TestView as a service on both Microsoft Windows and Unix systems using upstart or systemd.

To install XL TestView as a service:

  1. Follow the installation procedure described in Install XL Deploy. You can skip the step to run or server.cmd.

  2. As root (on Unix) or an administrator (on Windows), execute:

    • XL_TESTVIEW_HOME/bin/ (on Unix)
    • XL_TESTVIEW_HOME\bin\install-service.cmd (on Windows)

    This command will install the service.

    On Windows, this installs a service wrapper and a service called XL TestView, configured to run on the local system account. For production use it is recommended that you create a dedicated user and configure the service to log on as this dedicated user.

    The Unix script will install a service user called xl-testview, tighten the permissions on the installation, and install an upstart or systemd service script.

Note: A System V init script is not provided with XL TestView.

Uninstall the XL TestView service

To remove the installed service from Windows, run the XL_TESTVIEW_HOME\bin\uninstall-service.cmd command. On Unix, run XL_TESTVIEW_HOME\bin\

Install as a service before XL TestView 1.4.1

Microsoft Windows

To run XL TestView as a service on Microsoft Windows, use a service wrapper.


To run XL TestView as a service on Linux, use systemd. Create user and a group named xlt. The directory containing XL TestView (/opt/xl-testview in the example below) should be owned by this user/group, along with all of the files it contains.

Create a /lib/systemd/system/xl-testview.service file with the following content:

Description=XL TestView



Start the service with systemctl start xl-testview.service.